Taiwanese food sucks!!!



Yes, perfect with beer!

Edit: Exactly like the dish shown above. With some 18 days and I’m a happy man.


I see we are going full Hakka here. A nice meal for Friday night!



OK, I admit, I’m starting to get hungry. But I still think Taiwanese food sucks. :sunglasses:


I don’t mind Taiwanese food, but why is every bloody thing served at room temperature in cafes! Cold fish, cold fried chicken, cold stewed vegetables.

The buffet places are the worst offenders and it’s about as palatable as drinking warm beer on a hot day.



I’m not sure we can put hakka and Taiwanese food in the same category. I can go to a good hakka restaurant and it’s almost like comfort food. Especially 梅菜扣肉 Méi cài kòu ròu, pork belly and mustard greens.


I think any Chinese food that is made in Taiwan is Taiwanese food. Of course Minnan people’s food dominates but for sure Taiwan Beef Noodles is Taiwan food and Din Tai Feng too.
I know some of the best Hakka places in Miaoli, I would say the in laws too but their tastes range on the heavy and strong flavour side even if the food is super fresh. Hakka food is great if you like pork and strong flavours.




Jesus man. You sound like Turton`s mouthpiece here. North is bad, South is good. For politics, for food!!! :smile::smile::wink:

Can u find good Yunnan in the South?


It’s completely against regulations, food need to be kept at 60°C-70°C, but hey no one cares!

But hey, they have a ‘sneeze’ guard!


North is definitely worse at Minnan food. I can state that without hesitation and without apology. You will also note I said that lots of other yummy stuff exists in certain places in northern Taiwan (Hsinchu County, Wulai, other mountainous communities, etc). Find the strengths of the places you’re at, enjoy the good stuff, support the good guys when you can—and forget about the rest!



To me the North has way better Chinese food in general. But if you are looking for the Minnan style favourites maybe places like Tainan are where it’s at. I also lived in Taichung but the food wasn’t a patch on Taipei.


This sounds like a quote right out of the Tourism Bureau website.


Zongzi is always steamed, where on earth are they fried? That would be the greasiest thing in the universe…


The (lousy) northern varieties of zongzhi fry the rice before wrapping it in leaves. Hence the oily effect—yuck!



I think you should lay off the Burger King Foot Lettuce, man.
I’ve never seen it fried, ever.



I have no idea what you have, or have not, seen.

The point I am making is that the rice in beibu zongzhi is prepared differently than the rice in the nanbu varieties. Don’t take my word for it; you can ask around. The beibu rice is fried; the nanbu rice is not. The results—both in texture and taste—are completely different.



Looks like it’s set up in a public toilet.



Not even the veggies!