Taiwanese food sucks!!!


Its rough. But I know some very good veggie buffet chains that are clean and neat . One has to be selective.


Breakfast time


Ha, the plastic bag food!


Is that the one with 蘿蔔乾?Vile…

Do you know there are often two 油條 in those? One freshly fried, the other re-fried (yesterday’s excess ?) to oblivion. The re-fried dough stick just falls to bits, and goes all short and crumbly and adds texture in the filling. Not what I‘d call health food…


I’m sure that some of my asian food adventures will shorten my life, but it will be the shitty part at the end.


Sadly I agree with this. But mainly because of my accustomed diet. The only thing I enjoy in Taiwan is all you can eat hotpot. Otherwise, every time I order a meal, i would request an additional meat for extra charge. Snacks are good but they are nothing but empty calories, which I would enjoy once in awhile but not a part of my staple.


Shin yeh and Ching yeh restaurants are Taiwanese food.

Din tai fung food originated in China
Beef noodles also originated in China


Chillis originated in South America but spicy pot is from Szechuan.

Taiwan beef noodles are Taiwan beef noodles…Of course they have other kinds of beef noodles in China or at least beef soup as I recall. It doesn’t mean it’s the same.

When I see beef noodle joints in Asia they all say Taiwan or Taiwanese beef noodles.
Ding tai feng was started and grew from Taiwan …In fact a few doors down from where I’m enjoying my coffee now . No pretty ladies in sight though sorry to report Tommy!


From that I’ve heard, beef noodle is a Taiwanese invention, and only became a thing due to the American aid post war.


The guy from Ho Foods said it was from mainland soldiers, maybe Hunan, who would have a meat broth and then Taiwanese asked for noodles in the soup and it turned into a more hearty meal and they also added fermented cabbage and scallions etc. Originally very few Taiwanese people ate beef, cultures change and innovate all the time.


Fried chiken steak. Fried chicken bits. Whoever invenmted that should have received a medal and have a holiday in his/her name. :yum:


Does anybody ever get the 辣妹雞排 from Nono’s “Monga” chicken places? Love it.


Tainan food is totally over-rated IMO. Everything has way too much sugar in it, food is much sweeter than in Taipei. And for those who like anything even remotely spicy, forget it. They don’t even have chili sauce down there.


Banned places in my list.


My mother used to make stock from beef, than make soup! No, not beef soup!


Anything deep fried tastes good for a reason!


In keto, fried is good for you, well, depending on the oil.

And butter. Lots of butter and cream.

Oh and delicious fatty pork parts like dong puo row or kon row. Is that a Taiwanese invention? Awesome.

Does anyone know if luwei is local stuff? That is good too.


Yeah Lu Wei is very Taiwanese to me.

That could be the new diet fad overseas…Chicks dig that stuff here cos they don’t put on much weight with it.


Deep fried waffle!


Apparently, it originated in Chaozhou, Guangdong.