Taiwanese food sucks!!!


some bian dangs i like but the typical taiwanese braised pork bian dangs…no thanks. theres plenty of other decent ones though, don’t think it would be a bad thing if they got more popular over the traditional soggy pork chop bian dangs.


There’s a bian dang place on the road that I live on.
I swear I almost gag when I walk past it.
The smell of rancid oil in the air. The greasy pavement outside. The stink of their rotten leftovers in the buckets. The black kitchen you can see into when the door is open.

…And yet there’s a queue of folks lining up to eat their nasty shit every evening.


Asafoetida. You get it in hotels that have buffet breakfasts. Seriously unpleasant. I can’t believe people cook pork with it (unless they’re trying to hide something worse).


That says more about this thread (and the first rule of forumosaclub) than it does about Taiwanese food though.


There is good food…in horrible ambiance. There are many beautiful locations…that serve plop or carboard like stuff. To find a nice clean place with good food is rare.

That is why we have people lining up in cockroach infested wet market stand like places…


You almost made me barf.


100%. its just foreigners moaning, and thats ok, it is it what it is.


I know but the quality of foreigners moans just sucks! :grin:


Foetid ass. Is it a new brand of stinky tofu and where can I buy it ?


Huh. I didn’t realize asafoetida was used here at all - I know it only from Indian cooking. I’ve even got a little bottle of it somewhere, bought from an Indian import store.


Something smells terrible at those buffets. I assumed that was what it was.


I find it ironic that you people are actually talking about how bad average cheap food is in Taiwan when the quick meals in countries you come from (Anglophone) are practically food waste.


Please send, as a matter of urgency , some Greggs Pies and Piccalilli :slightly_smiling_face:


Curry chips !


It would be ironic if you’d just quit your job with Greggs and moved to Taiwan because you’d heard the pies were better here.

Or am I getting Alanis Morisette here?


Poop, shit, chewy gummy intestines! Major pork import from Canada!:shushing_face:


There is a street vendor near me who does this dish in the morning. I’ve noticed it is really quite a popular breakfast choice with local office workers.


Calling it a “dish”, that’s hilarious.

They’re oyster noodles, lots of people like them for breakfast.
I used to work in a place where there was a cart selling them out front. We always called them Phlegm Noodles.
We figured the dude had like 4 or 5 kids at home that he kept perpetually sick with colds, and they just sat around a big bucket all day, watching TV and horking up the next day’s required amount of noodle phlegm.




I had a coworker (from Sanchung) who used to have that stinky aberration for breakfast. the smell of that thing early in the morning was terrible. Noodles for breakfast sounds already pretty stupid. Why add that stinky shit to what is your first meal of the day?