Taiwanese food sucks!!!


Eating this in the office for breakfast, among other colleagues, to me is basically a hate crime.


Hardly 2 meters from my nose.


The worst smells for me are when co-workers bring bentos from home and heat them in the office microwave. I don’t even want to know what’s in them.



Do you mean Mentos??


Because I think they explode if you microwave them.


Evertything, basically. Not that I’m free of fault, but they mix things that God wanted us to keep separated. Shrimps, pork and cuts of pumping with noodles and cabbage.


I wish. The smell would be a definite improvement.


I don’t know what that is, but it kind of describes the smell.



Thick cuts of pumpkin.


Oh, thank you for explaining, I always thought that the brown line was running on sewage, now I know that foul smell is breakfast!


Just don’t eat the crap. I haven’t once had that noodle thing in over 10 years here. Go for this instead.



Distinctive flavor!


Had brunch at LA Cafe Xinyi, a place one would think comparable to The Diner nearby. Both have hamburgers, eggs, brunch, somewhat similar menu and market.

Tried the “Mexican Eggs” scrambled brunch. Could hardly find any eggs on the plate. Instead of serving some type of potato, corn chips. Supposed to be spicey sausage, but appeared to be some skinny Taiwanese slim jim cut up and hardly any included. No condiments like salt, pepper, ketchup. Staff never once asked if I needed anything. The ones that looked at me quickly looked away. I’ll not go back for food.

The Diner deserves gold stars and I hope their staff get paid well because the service is great.

Two similar places, one Taiwanese style, one Western style. Huge difference.


That’s all it needs, you were warned! ‘Scrambled brunch’!


Maybe this is supposed to go in another thread about Taiwanese service rules/sucks, but I find in Western style cafes in Taipei the staff seem to be rather disinterested in service. If there are a couple of cakes/coffees to deliver to our table, they will typically dump them on the section of the table closest to where they came from, and piss off back to their facebook.

The other thing I have observed is that locals just seem so stoked to get any service at all. I was at Wilbeck’s cafe in Nanjing E road on the weekend, and the amount of xie xies and gasping I heard from other cafe customers near us was really curious to me. Perhaps they are just way more polite than me :grinning:. There were non stop photo shoots going on, the item that had everyone’s interest appeared to be a dinner roll, with some creamed cheese shovelled in to the top.


Top of the cream … cream of the roll?:thinking:


Gasp…The owner…Wait staff…Actually talked to me…!!


Meanwhile in Tanzi…


Jeesh! Food presentation really isn’t a big thing in Taiwan. I hope it tasted a lot better than it looks.


Looks great except for the squidgy “meatballs” in “broth.”


You like the look of the diarrhea on the blue plate?