Taiwanese food sucks!!!


Yes, technically speaking, they are a veggie, but a starchy one. What I mean is that when ayone reviles veggies, they are talking about potatoes, not bok choy.


I think that came out wrong, but I know what you mean. I, for one, love that baby bok choy.


some beans are legumes.


And most legumes are poisonous if eaten raw.


For cows too? That’s the way you die when drinking milk from cows that ate poisonous legumes.


A lot of these places are family business so they have no labour expenses.


I had a nice 海鮮麵 at a mom n pop place tonight. It was great, very simple but the ingredients were fresh. More than anything it was just really comforting. Reminds me of the way my grandma used to cook before she got too old and retired from her kitchen.

There’s no shortage of cheapo junk food places around, and customers with low or nonexistent standards. But a lot of people still care about serving good food and eating well.

I wish I had another bowl right now…


i don’t think that’s the difference. honestly, i have no idea what’s different between 肉燥飯 and 魯肉飯. it looks and tastes the same. if it’s one piece of pork belly, usually it’s called 控肉飯 or something similar.


I don’t dispute that you have asthma, I do dispute the fact you say Chinese food had anything to do with it.

You said

I also disagree with this. There are countless studies where they take a large group of people who claim to have an MSG sensitivity and give them food both with and without MSG then diagnose the symptoms. The results proved that those who claimed they had a sensitivity only received symptoms when they were told there was MSG in the food. This was true whether there was MSG was present an when it wasn’t. They also reported no symptoms when there was MSG in the food but told there was none. The conclusion of the study is that MSG sensitivity is psychological.

I don’t doubt that you feel you had asthma attacks because of Chinese food. It’s just there is no evidence of this and using a anecdotal evidence is not scientific proof.


I genuinely don’t care.


Strong feelings… :grin:


Tell that to the kids!


This morning’s 醬 delivery at a local lunch joint. This stuff is on everything you order. No idea what is in it, but a guess would be hydrolysed soy sauce, corn flour, maltose and water, among other food additives I suppose.


Taiwanese food is good enough.


That’s quite normal, sometimes they just throw off noodles on the sidewalk in the morning, sitting there in the sun until they open, but hey doesn’t matter it’ll get boiled later.


Going for vegetarian 宮保雞丁 today.


This belongs in that Wack Things in Taiwan thread.


Then don’t eat Taiwanese food. Pretty easy problem to solve.


vegetarian food in Taiwan




I like vegetarian food. But too many dishes here seem to be for part-time vegetarians, or for vegetarians who would really prefer to be eating meat! “Be proud, vegetarians!,” is what I sometimes feel like saying to some of them.