Taiwanese food sucks!!!


I don’t agree. I’ve eaten plenty of bad Japanese food in Tokyo. You order a meat curry and there’s no meat in it .
Greasy ramen. Normal.
I don’t see it being any better whatsoever in that department.


I think Taiwanese genuinely believe they have their own cuisine, distinct from what they brought from China!


I was just about to post exactly the same. I just had my first trip to Japan and while the food can be outstanding, there is a hell of a lot of shite dished out over there.


Meaty curry? At least it’s half complete, curry!


I do remember Japanese cafe food was on the whole pretty disgusting… side salads in particular. Rest of the time I just ate sushi, which was good of course. @afterspivak I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are not one of these sycophantic nipophiles going about… :slight_smile:


Ha! Yeah, Tokyo is not the place for Japanese food—the countryside is in fact better for that.

BUT Tokyo is an incredible food city, with astonishing breadth and quality. And I am sorry, it definitely has a higher bar of basic competence than we see from shops in Taiwan. Does anyone seriously think that @bdog’s culinary clusterf#ck would happen in Tokyo? (Answer: it would not—ever.)



Strangest things I have eaten in Taiwan…

Bee larvae egg omelette in Hualien.

Barbecued Chicken rectum at a family BBQ. They were silent while I ate it. Didn’t tell me what it was until I had swallowed.

Ate them both once…not doing it again.


You mean chicken ass? Love it! Duck ass is even bigger and better, do they have goose ass?

I love the rooster testicles, popping in my mouth, oozing out this soft whatever it is!


Thanks for enlightening everyone that you like to eat ass.

I will pass.


You need to think about that the ass is a rare part of the chicken, there is only one per chicken. So half the amount of other chicken parts!:yum:


My MIL always passes the chicken ass as a delicacy to me.


It’s one of the finest parts, fat and muscle is evenly distributed, muscle is not too much developed as it only makes a squeezing motion.


You didn’t have to say it that way! Now I’m not liking chicken butt as much as before.




Why are you eating there if you already see the restaurant is not good? I can tell which ones are good and which ones are bad with pretty good accuracy. Plus word of mouth from locals is key to finding spots to eat. I rarely wonder around looking for food, you can avoid bad food if you know where to go and see which restaurants are not good.


Does this plan work in other countries too , hmmm, like Malaysia, just as a random example ? :thinking: :joy:


Or even Taiwan.


The ones with the big queues outside right ?



Sometimes, but just looking at the food and restaurant is enough. I never go to places with long waits.


No, because i don’t know malaysian food. And all the restaurants look shitty with low quality ingredients