Taiwanese food sucks!!!


How about it? Wash it down with a nice cup of Yorkshire tea?:sunglasses:


looks worse than prison food.


Not quite, as there is no broken glass in it lol


It looks worse mixing them together lol.


Why indeed. I am still working on my restaurant quality radar, yours sounds quite finely tuned! :slight_smile:


Sometimes, I rely mostly on people that know and I go back after. I know there is bad food and I hate eating bad food. So I always try to know where i’m going.

In Italy I always allow my girl to pick because she’s from there and cant tell as well. I always get tricked by tourist traps lol


Please explain this, because I am totally at a loss.


Can you quote which part to explain


Whatever it is that is covering those plates


Like most ‘famous’ places in Taiwan. Tourist trap!


The funniest are 3 of the same shops next to each other all say they are the first one