Taiwanese girl body language

Hi, new to the forum, apologies if this has been asked before, but I have been hanging out with this Taiwanese girl (not in Taiwan, in my own western country) and she has been very touchy, and I was wondering whether to interpret this as interest or whether Taiwanese girls tended to be touchy in general.

Examples have included very frequent arm stroking / grabbing, shoulder touching / hitting (coupled sometimes with leaning head on shoulder), and occasionally putting hand on thigh when seated.

Obviously, in my own country these would be signs of interest, but given given my limited experience with Taiwanese girls I didn’t want to misinterpret signals before I made a significant move (though I had assumed Taiwanese girls would be less touchy given my experience with other Asian girls/cultures).

Put another way / more generally, what are Taiwanese body language traits that signal interest?

Thanks in advance:)

Go for it dude but in a nice way.

thanks for the encouragement, man; what’s a nice way for a tw girl? any dos and donts?

Welcome to Forumosa. I apologize in advance.



which culture is hand on leg and head on shoulder not a sign of interest? maybe some latino country where they dance in the streets but not asia, certainly not taiwan. get on with it man!


Tw girls are usually not very touchy feely so I would say she’s giving you a green light to proceed to second base

Careful you may still strike out though

Had a tw girl I met at the beach position herself in my arms bikini and all
I kinda held her from behind and after a while I kinda gave her a small peck on the cheek and she took off like a Saturn five on full boost

Mis read signals for sure
Who would have thought given she was in my arms watching the sunset


Taiwanese girls are totally different in a western country, they are way more open, friendly, less lazy. I think she is totally interested in you, go for it. Don’t fall in the trap of coming to Taipei after, she will change 100% in here (kidding, maybe not kidding).:innocent:


I think that as long as you are not short , you will be fine :blush::slight_smile:Best of luck and hope you a both happy. Sadly it has been so long since a Taiwanese girl was tactile with me , I can no longer feel qualified to advise :pensive:I am an “ ex” expert :grandpa:


The hitting thing is fairly common. It usually happens when there’s some kind of flirting going on and you say something silly or are being “bad boy”. Overall they tend to act very childish. Someone else on Formosa pointed out that teens tend to act like little kids. People in their 20/30s tend to act like teens etc etc. Part of this may be because many still live at home and are being infantilized by their mother.

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Agree 1,000%


Hi. Nothing wrong in bringing TW wife back to Taiwan :grin: (for me anyway). My wife is “westernised” so I get best of both worlds! I got married in Taipei local style and left heading back to NZ. Currently in Australia and possibly relocating back to Taipei next year. Love Taiwan,:taiwan::sunglasses:


The touching is good the hitting is not

The hitting is aggressive and shows an aggressive personality that can lead to really hitting you when she gets angry or doesn’t get her way. It’s a sign of a passive aggressive personality.

A better personality is one that does not use force

I know these types pretty well
Was married to one
Am currently married to another one

Ps better set up boundaries early on in your relationship
When she hits you say NO don’t do that that is Wrong !

Otherwise when you don’t react badly when she hits you in jest she will easily graduate to hitting you for real when she gets mad and doesn’t get her way as is invariably going to happen at some point. She needs to know early on a line is crossed when aggression is shown

Much like training a cat

I failed at training my wives past and present this and had the bruises to prove it

Lucky my current wife is more civil than the first and pulls her punches

Still I don’t want to run into her in a dark night
When she gets riled up


I’m adding this one to my list :slight_smile:


oh come on not even the nurses ?


Yes. She’s interested. Taiwanese chicks are, if anything, less “touchy” than western girls. So you should be in like Flynn in no time.

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I mean, you can say that about 90% of women after they settle down or get married. No one is as exciting or “perfect” as when you’re first dating them. Things that would’ve been no big deal the first few months trigger huge arguments when you’re living with the person and seeing them every day. My Taiwanese wife and I bicker a bit as all married couples do, but we’re doing infinitely better than my brother and his very American wife (who seemed perfect to him when they first started dating) who are planning a divorce.


Many are like cold fish compared to Westerners to be honest . Giving somebody a hug is almost a big deal here.


indeed. they are not very forward with the touchy feely …stuff. they like it if the guy is forward with that, like a game, ooh touch me big man! i’m just a helpless little girl! something like that. at first anyway.

yea i think i can agree somewhat. my first tw gf liked to hit me. i told her “don’t do that. i don’t think its cute.” and she was the type that got pretty pissed off and liked to fight basically every day about very little.


Sounds to me like she’s waiting for you to cue the Barry White on the hi fi there sir.

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