Taiwanese root beer float?

I never seen Taiwanese people do root beer floats… but then Taiwan has several root beer brands… like these:


I seen these back in the day, like right after SARS epidemic…


So what if you put one of these Taiwanese ice creams over the root beer?

You get a Taiwanese root beer float.

Taiwanese root beers taste like ass compared to American root beers. Making a float would just be a waste of the ice cream. Thankfully you can at least find A&W at Jason’s here if you’re really craving a float.

I found a thrift store in xingjhuan that had A&W for 10nt a can.

Funny you should say that because I tried to offer a Taiwanese some A&W and he won’t take it. He says it tastes like ass too.

Taiwanese sometimes have bad taste. They think stinky tofu is a gastronomical delicacy afterall.


i never knew what root beer was before, although i have heard of it through american tv and films. i thought it might be like the ginger beer we have in england. then i tried a can of root beer at a taco place here and i found out root beer is just hei song sarsaparilla. big let down, why even go to the trouble of importing that!

and both of them remind me of dandelion and burdock but i can’t be sure as i haven’t had it for like 25 years.

now i want to drink a cream soda. or shandy.

Whenever I eat buffets here, I always make root beer, coffee or cola floats. Taiwanese look in awe, but I’ve never seen one make their own then.

You know what else is great? Fill a glass 3/4 full of those slushie fruit drinks and fill it the rest of the way with cream. If the buffet doesn’t have real cream, you can use about 20 of those little coffee cream cups. Awesome.

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There a a few stalls at the night markets, and looking at the stalls they don’t look like a new thing.

Not just root beer, milk tea, bubble tea, cola, some purple or green things, never really been a big fan of them though.

what is this abomination?


good catch.
just always look underneath to check date.
i’d still drink it a few months overdue though

I agree. The sarsaparilla drinks here taste nothing like root beer to me.


Thank you. Finally some sanity in this thread. :beers:


There is a reason they do not taste the same - sarsaparilla and root beer are different drinks

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The shop sells stuff that’s close to expiring but the fact is stuff in a can lasts years. Maybe the worst that can happen is the carbonation gets weaker over time but in my experience they still retain full carbonation.

same with a lot of other stuff, like coffee beans.
I’ve even had overdate microbrews that were fine.
Just read article the other day about one of the biggest waste of money in medical/insurance world is that industry throwing away overdate drugs that have been tested to be in fine shape

You need A&W if you’re gonna do a float. The root beer here is nasty…

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You can make MDMA from Sassafras. That’s more my sort of float.

I seen some news about people dying from taking overdate cold medications…

Exactly, which is why I wish it were easier to find root beer here.

So I just now bought the two on the right, to compare. Although they say root beer, the Chinese says 沙士 on all of them, so I don’t have high hopes.

For full effect, you have to drink the “加鹽” one out of an old rice bowl.