Taiwanese student in USA accused of plotting school massacre

The umbrella principle.

if you are killing another strong male then maybe? but killing a pregnant woman and 2 kids? isn’t an alpha male protect those? without going to deep i’ll just disagree and say these ‘fans’ are not the most mentally healthy people…


Right now…I said it will become less relevant as I’m sure you’ll be able to print something like a glock not so far

Did I ever say guns are toys? I’m talking about self defense.

Wel, people can make explosives with common household items. Again, limited scope. Same with glock, still not an Uzi. It is the difference between a dozen and a several dozens.

I´ll start getting worried when they can print something they can fire at will from a hotel window and wipe off 80 concert attendees.

And again, there is a difference between a responsible adult user and a spoiled brat with no respect for the equipment, who thinks he is in some kind of video game, attire included.

Pretty sure they will be able to make more than uzis as technology advances.

If you insist. :idunno:


I wasn’t putting forward a theory.

You do have the legal right to protect yourself. Even in Italy. Even with a firearm.

Key word: yourself. You are not your property, and your property is not you. I.e., having the right to protect yourself from the threat of aggression (pericolo d’aggressione) is not the same as having the right to murder someone just because he’s in your home without an invitation.

Your loved ones are not your property either, but they have selves you can also protect.

(No English version available. Disclaimer: this is not an endorsement of Italian law.)

Well, right now we have a kid with a firethrower just for fun…

And? Don’t see where you’re going with this.

The requirements are ridiculous, they’ve been thinking of changing it because it’s basically useless.

That the problem is not self defense, but using weapons for anythng else than.

That some kind of control must be exerted. Everyone can make ricin in the comfort of their home and kills ome people. Not everyone wshould have access to a factory and make enough ricin to wipe off a city.

I would assume the kid’s natural progression would be to firebombs.

I hope you realize that you are making more than one assumption here (1- that he’s a mass murderer -2- in search of a weapon).

Maybe some of the guilty-until-he-proves-himself-worthy-of-innocence (present-day circumstance, not concerning last year’s fukkup) people here can provide examples of the forms of restitution he must still go through above and beyond what he already went through incarceration-wise and monetary-wise as decided already through the US justice system?

I was thinking sharks with frikkin flamethrowers attached to their heads.

Well, if the incarceration had served its purpose, wwe wouldn´t be here discussing him. He learned nothing, he has not changed his ways, he keeps on flirting with danger. His parents keep on bending over and will probably break the law again to please him.

He is guilty of being insensitive and a prick. We do not have to like him and that is not relevant actually, unless you take into account that he also has this sociopatic dark side that may surface in which he fantasizes with burning things to a crisp, shooting the schoool and we´ll see what he comes up next. That is not last years “Fockup” but rather a raging fire held in a pressure cooker, waiting to be unleashed in the future.

Restitution? Not really, but a bit of humility, a bit of empathy, … but that is asking too much. He was raised as a bully, he is not the vctim here. He is a manipulator. Remember the words of admonition of the judge. He did what he could legally but even he recognized that the kid is a ticking bomb. The judge asked the parents to seek help for teh kid. That help ain´t forthcoming.

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So much exaggeration. The kid did very little and seems totally fine. I’m sure he’ll be leading a happy life from this point on and based on what I’ve seen of him, predict he’ll be in no further trouble.


Hope these words don’t come back to bite you on the ass. You could be right, but I’m in the @Icon camp on this one


Hell, it wouldn’t be the first time :slight_smile:

Better safe than sorry, which I imagine @Icon has tattooed somewhere on her body.

Are trying to get us into imagining @Icon’s body?