Taiwans "Age of Consent" for sex

Is there an “age of consent” law in Taiwan, like there is in many countries, whereby if you have consensual sex with someone under an arbitrarily set age (usually anywhere from 13 -18) you would automatically be guilty of RAPE and could be arrested and jailed just as if you had gone out and actually raped a girl, beating her up and threatening to kill her and her whole family if she told anyone?
If so, does anyone know what this arbitrary age is in Taiwan? Is it enforced much? Does anyone know of foreigners getting into trouble for having sex (or even just, say, going to an MTV place and engaging in a little light petting) with someone under this age?

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I don’t know the age of consent in Taiwan. I’ll ask a friend.

However, I do know that the age of consent in Thailand is 15. That makes sense to me because when I was 15 all I thought about was sex sex and more sex all day long. Maybe if I had been sexually active at 15, my grades wouldn’t have started to go down!

Uh… but as for sex in general in Taiwan, I know this guy who went to a KTV in Taichung with a girl-friend. The police busted in and shouted in Taiwanese “what is this pervert black guy doing stealing our Chinese women?” and they forcibly took the two out of the KTV and traumatized this black guy and his Taiwanese friend. Also, if you’re a white guy - people will say stuff…

But I know better and I’m open minded. I know that you’re a respectable pervert. Be careful with the S&M bondage stuff, though. This guy accidentally killed his one-night partner just a few months ago while practicing the asphyxiation-orgasm thing. He freaked out and stuffed the body in a suitcase.

If I remember right, there isn’t actually one single “age of consent” law…there’s a set of laws…something about “inappropriate relations with minors”, etc. and each law covers a variety of circumstances (ranging from breaking curfew to actually having sex). Hopefully Richard can educate us. In any case, I believe just about anything more than simple friendship with anyone under 18 yrs. of age is illegal due to one law or another…so be careful!

Unfortunately, you have to look at this on two levels: the legal code and the moral code.

In Taiwan we often hear of elder brothers, uncles, or even more distant male relatives beating up someone who has taken “sexual advantage” of a young female member of their CLAN. Also, we hear of the same treatment being given to someone who was found “double-timing” a not-so-young female member of their CLAN.

In other words, people have been harassed and/or physically assaulted for having two girlfriends at once, even when the girls in question were of adult age!

Hence, if you are associating with under-20-age females in intimate social situations, my friend Samuel Littlerock from Arkansas advises offering your self introduction as follows: “Hello, my name is Bob Smith, from New Orleans, in the beautiful state of Georgia. Look on any map, its near Colorado Springs. Glad to meet you!”

Then let the evening develop from there and don’t give out your telephone number.

This site may be of use to those of us who wish to “bonk” their way around the world:


Please note that only countries in RED have verified legal info, but if the country is in black there is no written proof of the relevant laws.

Unfortunately Taiwan is in black, so if someone can actually find the Taiwan laws it would be great if they could share this info.

Bonk Happy - Bonk Safe - Bonk within the law!

Girls will lie about thier age and situations will be exaggerated. If you want to be safe, do not get involved with under 24 years old.

This will likely keep you on the good side of the law though families may be angry.

Of course that means that some of you will have to date an older woman. But if you looking only for sex, why not?

If it’s consensual and the girl doesn’t have a problem with it it’s a very difficult thing for a third party to prove…

Saw in the chinese newspaper a few years ago - legal age is 18. Sex with the under 18 the fine was around 100,000 and I think 3 months in prison.

The law is quite simple in Taiwan: 18 years, for men, women, gay or straight.

If in doubt ask to see their ID card, everyone carries one. The only snag is that birthday is given in Taiwan calendar years. To be legal a Taiwanese would have to be born before this date in Taiwan year 73. Add ‘1911’ to the Taiwan year to give the date in the Western calendar.


I agree that 18 is the minimum legal age for consensual sex in Taiwan. However, I disagree that “Taiwanese age” (xu1 suei4 in Chinese) is used to calculate this age. In Taiwan, “real age” (shi2 suei4 in Chinese) is always used for laws regarding minimum ages.

(“Taiwanese age” (xu1 suei4) is how old Taiwanese people will tell you they are when you ask them, but it isn’t really hold many years old they are. According to the “Taiwanese age” system, a person is “one year old” the day they are born, and then they become one year older every Chinese New Year. On the other hand, “real age” (shi2 suei4) means that the person is “zero years old” the day that they are born, and then they become a year older every time they reach their next birthday.)

In Taiwan, “real age” is always used for laws regarding minimum ages. For example:

  1. You must be at least 18 years old to have a Taiwan driver’s license.

  2. You must be at least 18 years old to buy alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, or betel nuts in Taiwan

  3. You must be at least 18 years old to buy pornography in Taiwan.

  4. You must be at least 20 years old (and a Taiwanese citizen) to vote in any election in Taiwan.

  5. Everyone who is a Taiwanese citizen and lives in Taiwan on a permanent basis must have a “Taiwan ID card” (shen1 fen4 zheng4) if they are at least 14 years old.

  6. Every male Taiwanese citizen who lives in Taiwan must serve in the military for two years when he is between 18 and 45 years old.

For all of these laws, “real age”, not “Taiwanese age” is used.

However, if you ask a Taiwanese person how old they are, they will almost always state their “Taiwanese age”, and they usually don’t even know their real age! If you insist that you want to know their real age, they will usually have to take out a pen and paper and calculate their real age by subtracting the year that they were born from the year of their last birthday.


Usually at whatever age it is legal to marry, it is legal to have sex. The only exception to this I have seen is China, where you can have sex at 18, but not get married until you are 20 (!)

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[QB]This site may be of use to those of us who wish to “bonk” their way around the world:


Wow! Japan’s age of consent is 13… Japan never ceases to amaze me!

Hey Quirky, be careful! As a result of international pressure (led by the USA, I believe), about 2 years ago Japan amended their laws so 13 became 18. I guess that website hasn’t been updated in a while. If I remember the history correctly, Japan’s age of consent & pornography laws were taken from a rather literal implementation of Gen. McArthy’s directives during US occupation after the war. That’s why the rules seem a bit strange to Westerners…

18? hmmm… Don’t quote me on this, but last time I checked the ROC penal code, people who are or over the age of 16 are capable of giving consent. Such legal consent will shield you from criminal prosecution for statutory rape (or as we called it in Taiwan, “Standard Rape.”) However, 16-year-olds are still considered as minor and parents do exercise legal dominion over them. The parents, thus, may still sue you on civil claims for “interference with filial/ familial relationship.”
What I just mentioned above does not constitute legal advice. You should act on your independent caution. And remember, statutory rape operates under the scheme of strict liability. Mistake of fact or law will not be a viable defense. So when you are arrested or prosecuted for such crime, you better come up with a better excuse other than “Dude, I thought she was 18!”

I didn’t realize that the familial relationship included these types of extracurricular activities.

When you ask her to go on a date, have her bring along a copy of her birth certificate.

I didn’t realize that the familial relationship included these types of extracurricular activities.

When you ask her to go on a date, have her bring along a copy of her birth certificate.[/quote]

And if she was 16 at the time of deadpledge’s last post, she would now be 18 going on 19. :laughing:

Just use the basic rule of thumb (though this is specifically for the states)

“17 will get you 20.” :astonished:

(someone 17 will get ya 20 years in the slammer)


Rule of thumb: If you can’t tell she is over 18, then she is too young. Date a woman, not a girl. :wink: