Taiwan's EPA plans to ban single use plastic straws!


Good to see that they will try to do this. I hate that 711 sells plastic bags for 1nt but shoves you a bunch of straws everytime you buy a drink.


Thanks God. I can’t stand this plastic culture… plastic bags for EVERYTHING, plastic disposable dishes, cutlery… plastic everywhere, every time.


yea and cut down the packaging shite too please. its a pain in the ass.


That’s another one. Everything is so fucking wrapped in this country…

The worst thing though is the plastic plates and disposable plastic covers for tables that some restaurants use… lazy fuckers…


“The straws take 500 years to ROT” ?

I’m no expert, but I’ve never heard of ROTTING PLASTIC before…


Fantastic news. Maybe that will make more people switch to beer from that super sweet bubble tea!


That’s probably because you’ve never seen 500-year-old plastic.



That’s great and all but plastic waste will still exist after preventive legislation is passed. Check out the river runoffs in any (New) Taipei riverside park. There doesn’t even appear to be any collection point, no weekly cleaning, absolutely zero attempt to collect or clean waste after it’s dumped. People having plastic isn’t the problem. The problem is the plastic ending up into ecosystems, wherever aquatic or otherwise.


Gotta start somewhere right. I think Taiwan is doing a fairly got job with all this. Lots more can be done of course


Great. Now I’m gonna have to suck iced coffee through my teeth. Or actually figure out how to clean those reusable steel straws.


I believe biodegradable paper straws are an option


Coffee enemas are actually a thing.


There can be more done. But as you see there’s already some push back into something that really makes sense and a small inconvenience for the good of the environment. I would say the culture of recycling and being more mindful of the environment has improved a lot in the last two decades. Not perfect but it’s progress.


Ever tried to use a straw that wasn’t soft plastic? Irritating to the teeth and dangerous as hell if accidentally bumped against the roof of your mouth…

This is going to take some getting used to. I’m going to seek out a straw withdrawal recovery camp.


I mean. There was a time when straws did not exist. I can’t think of the last time I used one. I prefer to drink from the cup or bottle.

But perhaps I should start a alternative eco friendly straw business now. Could be something to look at.

Biz ideas for tw entrepreneurs

I think the other end of my body needs the caffeine more.


You can easily clean those with chemical pipe cleaner, industrial vacuum suction pumps, or the fluffy type of teeth floss - though in the last case, you’ll need to first figure out how to get the floss all the way through the straw before engaging in a rhythmic back and forth motion.


Bamboo straws, sustainable, reusable!


Guys straws are bad for you. You suck in a lot of air and that makes you gassy.