TAIWANTED.COM rejected my username and password in Forumosa

TAIWANTED.COM rejected my username and password in Forumosa, why?

I can’t login Taiwanted.com, and when I try to register for a new account, it leaded me back to Forumosa as already logged-in

please someone help me.


[quote=“Ted Lien”]TAIWANTED.COM rejected my username and password in Forumosa, why?

I can’t login Taiwanted.com, and when I try to register for a new account, it leaded me back to Forumosa as already logged-in

please someone help me.

Try logging in as Ted Lien now, and thanks for your patience. :notworthy: :bow:

Hi Maoman.

Thanks for your help, but I still cannot get in it.


Hi Ted,

I deleted your account and recreated it. Try logging in now. It’s a new system, so we’re still trying to get the bugs out. Thanks for your patience!


I’m having the exact same problem that Ted Lien was having. I can’t login, and when I try to create a new account it bounces me back to forumosa already logged in. Please help me.


Yep. Same thing here. I’m logged in here, but when I try to log into taiwanted it tells me my username and password are incorrect. Which is incredibly annoying.

I appreciate anything you can do to fix this problem.

Hi Terensque and Anbende,

I’ve just re-synched your account information. Can you tell me if you’re able to log-in now?

Obviously this is something we want to get right…


Hi there, I seem to be encountering the same problem… I can log in to Forumosa, but not Taiwanted… Can anyone tell me how to proceed?

I have a similar problem. Except mine happened because I forgot my password and after the system sent me a new password, I couldn’t login at Taiwanted anymore… Help. Thanks.

I’m having the same problem, logged in Forumosa, try to access taiwanted which leads right back into forumosa…

I can’t log in either, so I’m just going to go spam the hell out of the Cars & Motorcycles forum.

the same thing just happened to me. i’d appreciate any help! :notworthy:

Wei wei?

Sorry, guys - you should be good to go. look for a password in your pm box

I’m experiencing the same thing here. Can’t post my ad because Taiwanted is rejecting my user name and password. Help!

Same can’t register! Was told to post my ad there and cant even access the site

Hey Beef Noodle and Gonaddz,

I’ve resynched your account info - can you tell me if you are able to log in now? Please advise…

Edit: Gonaddz has PM’d me - he’s good to go - beef noodles, I suspect that your account has been unglitched as well… :slight_smile:

So it’s not just me, huh? :smiley:
Please, admin, would you resyc my account info to taiwanted for me as well?
Thanks a lot!

I have said problem also.

Hi. Please move to a different forum/thread if needed. I’m at my wit’s end and perhaps some of you out there in expat internet land can help. (Sometimes, in between the ridicule and cynicism, there are a few replies gleaming with hope.)

TAIWANTED: I would like to post an ad for my apartment on the sister site here, Taiwanted. My userID, with which I am currently logged into Forumosa, doesn’t work. Tells me incorrect user/pass, and to sign up for an ID directs me to the Forumosa account creation screen. Huh? I sent an email for help and didn’t receive a response.

TEALIT: More frustrating as this is perhaps the best-known website for foreigners to get apartments. My advertisement will not display. It is completely neutral, contains nothing inappropriate and conforms to other apartment ads on there as I can see them. I’ve e-mailed and called them repeatedly, the woman who answers their phone now recognizes me each time, and promises she will find out why it won’t display, though it’s been almost two weeks and nothing has changed.

For BOTH websites, I’ve tried creating NEW email addresses and making NEW accounts from DIFFERENT COMPUTERS at DIFFERENT IP ADDRESSES, and the SAME problem occurs. Am I a ghost?

Moreover, I’ve read the FAQs and searched threads. Still no idea why this is happening.

I’m forced to leave Taiwan in less than 3 weeks due to a family emergency. Let’s just say that being unable to advertise my apartment to reclaim my deposit is taking its toll on my sanity. All pity aside, if you have any kernels of advice they would be greatly appreciated. i.e. I’d love to walk into Tealit’s office to have a chat, but its location is not given on the site. Anyone know where they are? etc.