Take action against Taiwan bank tax residency tax certificates

Let’s see. I got it changed with Mega Bank a few months back by complaining (at least I think I did according to what I got them to confirm with me in the branch - I haven’t received a physical tax statement from them yet).

Yeah, hopefully your appeal changes something.

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Yeah but “tax residency GB/DE/ETC” is wrong is it not? Assuming I am not a tax resident GB/DE/ETC ? It is a false assertion. They should change it to ZZ.

I agree that going into Taishin bank is a huge waste of time. Maybe calling and harassing that girl who does English support is an option.

All employers I have worked for in Taiwan put my residency as DE. All accountants said they must put that, even if my residency is TW only.
That’s some bullshit. I hope this can work and Taiwan’s Tax Office will stop forcing everyone making false tax declarations for foreign residents.
Assuming permanent residents (APRC) are going to leave every year by default is madness.


just look at the tax statement I just received from Taishin (I have a Richart account):

I complained with them and even spoke with the 2 Richart directors at a Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance event and also to senior partners of PwC at a Gold Card event. Their hands are tied, they atm cannot do what they should do given the tax bureau directives (u can see an excerpt I posted a bit ago clearly saying that foreigners are always assumed as non-resident unless at their 184th day of residence in TW show they resided for more than 183 days in the State, satisfying the residency test at sec. 2 of art 7 of the income tax act. Sec 1 of that art. 7 is wrongly applied only to nationals with household registration since only them are deemed as domiciled in TW, very wrong and discriminatory assumption and practice).

So u can complain with them as much as u want, look at what they did here: No TIN but still tax jurisdiction Italy since they just match that to the nationality of the passport u provide at account opening.

All of this because they must tax u when giving u interest, and if they tax u at resident rate while u aren’t they will be fined. So, as already said, the least problematic approach for them is to follow NTB directive and assume all foreigners as non-resident, tax them accordingly and the extra tax applied will be refunded at tax season when the tax residency is actually ascertained.

Be my guest to complain to them, won’t change it. Even with ZZ put in tax jurisdiction, the relevant sections about residence and 183 days in TW will still be reporting u as non resident, they just “don’t know” where u r tax resident so they put ZZ.


Every year I get tax refunded because of this. They take my money and keep it up to a year or longer interest free. Last year tax refund was 4 months after tax declaration! I get it back eventually, but inflation takes out a chunk of it.
So there is actual harm done due to this discriminatory higher tax burden.


I know, that’s why I filed a Human Rights complaint to the Human Rights Commission of the Control Yuan, as u can see from the letter I received, they agreed there is an unjustified difference in treatment of legal foreign residents and citizens, which is against the Constitution, the Immigration act, the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (which Taiwan signed and ratified while still at the UN in the 60s, so it’s enforceable) and against a Supreme Court ruling of the 90s where they ruled that household registration does not equal to domicile.

So they are inquiring the MOI, MOF (NTB) and NDC about why this is so. That’s the investigation step, which starts only when the Yuan deems the complaint legit and having legal basis. After the investigation, when gathered findings, they can go into ruling. Being a constitutional organ, art. 25 of the Control Yuan Act says (quote from the official website): “shall propose corrective measures to the Executive Yuan or its subordinate organs for improvement after these measures have been deliberated and approved by the relevant committee meetings. After receiving the proposal, the Executive Yuan or related organs shall make improvement or take other actions immediately, and reply to the Control Yuan in writing. If the improvement is not made and the Control Yuan does not receive a reply in two months, the Control Yuan shall, through resolutions by its relevant committee meetings, question the organ in writing or summon the officials in charge for questioning.”


I will take it. But honestly, I am too lazy to do much to get it. I can understand why some people in the end throw up their hands and just leave the country.


Just noticed o-bank actually marks me as having residency here, but at the same time my tax jurisdiction is CA :rofl:

This is also the only bank that made me provide canadian TIN, and for that reason alone I’m going to close it soon.


They put u resident and at the same time say u stayed less than 183 days, so they still apply the non resident rate

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I beat the system though, 20% of NT$1 is 0. Just spread your savings across enough banks so that monthly interest never goes above NT$2 at any individual bank.




Tax officials HATE this one trick

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I remember doing something similar when I was in Australia just for the lols

1 and 2 cent coins were withdrawn from circulation in 1992; since then cash transactions have been rounded to the nearest 5 cents.

When using self check out, you can first choose to pay by card and select partial payment. Pay strategically an amount, so that the rest paid in cash will be rounded down. This way you are guaranteed a discount of 2c per checkout.
One could maximize it by paying for each item separately.
Not really worth the trouble, but an exploit nonetheless. :grin:


New Zealand got rid of the 5 cent coin a few years ago…

As 5 cents is rounded down… my uncle decided he would try putting 5cents of gas in his car.

He then went to the attendant “pay” and was told that there is a minimum of $5.

However he claimed that he had no cash on him… So the attendant asked him how much he had and it was $3 so he filled up with $3.05

I made some complaints to the FSC one was about Taiwan Co Op bank. Anyway yesterday I had a meeting with a lady in her 50’s when I was doing a transaction for an overseas transfer.

A few of the things we discussed is the CRS form. I asked if I was to open another personal account would you ask me about my bank accounts overseas. No she said. OK but you know I have them Two things. I showed her my Australian account and showed my details where my Australian bank lists me as Non Resident in Australia and also lists me as a resident of Taiwan. I said here’s the other issue, you only know me by my ID card name and my NAB bank uses my birth name. That ROC person does not exist in Australia and that Australian does not exist in Taiwan. She is now looking confused as I have more than two identities

I asked if I brought in a foreign Australian friend who was non tax resident in Australia and tax resident in Taiwan what she would have them tick on the form?


What was her response

I don’t get the purpose of this question? Why would they ask about your bank accounts in other countries?

AFAIK, that’s nothing to do with the CRS forms, at least from the perspective of a Taiwanese bank employee (although the overseas banks are supposed to report your accounts with them to Taiwanese tax authorities, and Taiwanese banks are supposed to ask about your tax residency (not accounts) in other countries, in case they need to pass on the info to tax authorities in other counties via Taiwanese tax authorities). Banks don’t need to ask about your accounts in other countries though.

She didn’t know the answer. She would have to check. lol

One thing though, I asked her if I moved to Australia could I list my Australian address and phone number for my personal account from Taiwan and use a phone app from Australia she said yes.

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I finally got an e-mail response from CTBC today, after them telling me 7 weeks ago I should expect an e-mail from a supervisor “in a few days”.

The English translation is fairly shoddy, but the Chinese version seems to suggest the response was motivated by my complaint to the FSC in addition to my separate complaint to CTBC customer service.

The response is below. The image quality is a bit shit – apparently CTBC believes that the best way to send something like this in 2023 is to print it out, scan it back in at low resolution, and combine the images into a password-protected PDF.

So the point again appears to be that CTBC is just following guidance from the tax office and considering us not to be domiciled here until we’ve stayed more than 183 days in a given year, and there’s nothing they can do about that.

I suppose then it hinges on the outcome of @Mataiou’s complaint to the Control Yuan. As far as I know, he’s the only one to have complained to them, right? Should we send in additional complaints, or just wait for the response to his – what do people think?


Got the same ytd from CTBC.