Taobao Real Name Verification

I have been shopping on Taobao unaware of the new measures. Apparently I have to get approved for 實名認證 (real name verification) using the EZ Way app just to begin the shipping out process. Currently stuck there unable to ship out.

I’ve filled out my info and registered on the app but I’m not approved. I’m guessing it’s because I’m a foreign resident holding an ARC. Tried the hotline but my phone can’t get through. Anyone able to help?

What and how are the stuff shipped over? I never had to use EZ Way with Taobao shipments… I always chose sea shipping though.

Only time I had to use EZ Way was for a Fedex package.

It’s a new measure they are trying out but officially begins on 4/16/2020. Apparently all packages have to be registered now. The app makes it easy for locals but us ARC holders really got the short end of the stick.

Do you have an ARC or citizenship? How did you get approved for EZ Way?

Update: finally managed to contact someone with some knowledge and unfortunately there is no resolution. If you use Taobao-provided shipping methods, packages will not be able to consolidated unless you have Taiwan citizenship (EZ Way). There isn’t a roundabout to that. I’m not sure about alternative shipping companies. If a package were to manage to reach Taiwan customs, a foreigner will only be contacted if needed to fill out the customs form (I’m guessing this is like before). Otherwise, the package should go through as per usual.

The EZ Way hotlines and online chat services are shot, no one is answering or replying at all. The best thing to do is to contact your shipping company.

Hi @wrappy, welcome to Forumosa. Sorry to hear about that outcome.

If my assessment of your posts is correct, it looks like the EZWay app sponsored by Taiwan Customs does not accept details from a foreign resident of Taiwan? A group of us here are capturing and trying to rectify things like this, with some success.

If you were willing to spend a little bit of time to write your experience down, the National Immigration Agency likes to hear about these kind of things and goes to some effort to fix them. It looks like the Customs Administration and Taipei Customs also have English-language enquiry forms that would probably get to the right people.


Yes, you understood correctly. I was terribly perplexed after understanding that I may no longer receive overseas packages in my name in Taiwan without problems. I will take my complaints to the sites you suggested. Thanks for taking notice.

Same problem here. It seems to be a new policy to require this Real Name Verification.
Just ordered some little things on, (this never used to cause any problems) and the courier (SF) has parked my package until I go to EZWAy App to do the verification. As you say, this is not available for non ROC nationals. The App states that only ROC nationals can do it. I have APRC, apparently not good enough.

Discriminatory practice, no excuses. I have also lodged complaints as suggested.

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Try making more agressive, yet friendly complains. Get the names of the officers an in charge of the decisions and contact information to share.
Gets some help from someone legal mined people.
I actually don’t know what Taubao is, but since the work of the great Richard Hartzel, this kind of discrimination is supposed to be illegal.
Over the 20 plus years I’ve been here, I’ve won pleanty of exceptions from credit cards to cellphones.
But, now my wife and I are tired of fighting, we take the easy way. This opening then closing to doing business with foreigners seems to be cyclical. Seriously, there’s a big argument or blowout, things open up, then after a time they start excluding again. I cannot see why they mess with the rules so often.
If you don’t know who Hartzel is, the right to have everything from full to full term driver’s licenses, APARC and Work Permits came from his work. He was the moderator and possibly founder of the legal forum and newspapers columnist as well. Saved my butt many times.


Should maybe merge this thread into the other EZway thread, but the other day I had something come in that I thought I had addressed to my wife who is Taiwanese, but messed up and had my name on it.

Anyway, she uses the the app easily and put her details down and of course I eventually get a notification from UPS that the package needs some sort of customs info and it’s here I realize that I put my name down. We tried to fix it in the app and it won’t let you. Later that morning we were going to call and then the package just showed up anyway. Chalk it up to “well that’s Taiwan”.

Like OP, I’ve sort of given up fighting stuff like this, but appreciate those that are.

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Does anybody here really feel comfortable about giving a non-government agency ID details? Don’t you have to upload your a photo of your ID and passport? Seems like an “easy way” for criminals to conduct identity theft. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

And yeah, I get that there are other non-government organizations that take that kind of data, but those I deal with are usually places that I can see how they are using it, not some server somewhere in the cloud.

tweeting to digital minister might work.

According to Chiang, he expressed his wish to photograph Tang on Twitter in early March, which was then shared by a member of his team, who tagged Tang’s account in their post.

To Chiang’s surprise, Tang replied, saying she would be open to the photo shoot as long as the photos could be released under a Creative Commons (CC) license.

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Here is a reply from the Customs Authorities following a complaint I lodged last week:

Regarding your e-mail dated April 28, 2020, addressing that you are not allowed to use EZ Way, we are pleased to reply you as follows:
1.EZ Way is the APP of“Real-Name Authentication”. If consignees download EZ Way and complete the required procedures in the APP, they can use “Real-Name Authentication” rather than fill out the paper-based “Letter of Authorization” to entrust their customs brokers to process the relevant customs clearance procedures.
2.However, since Taiwan Customs is not authorized to have access to foreigners’ information of identification, currently “Real-Name Authentication” is not applicable to foreigners. Alternatively, the customs broker who handles the customs declaration of your imported shipment is supposed to inform you of filling out “Letter of Authorization” to process the relevant customs clearance procedures. For your reference, you can download the form of “Letter of Authorization” at the web address:
3.Based on the explanation aforementioned, please be informed that you still can receive your imported shipment without registering for EZ Way, as“Real-Name Authentication” is not the only acceptable method to entrust your customs broker to process the relevant import clearance procedures.
4.In order to explore the possibility of extending the scope of “Real-Name Authentication” to foreigners in the future, Taiwan Customs will discuss this matter with other government agencies.
5.We hope the above information provided would be helpful. If you have any further question, you are welcome to visit our website at or contact us (02) 25505500 ext2539.
Sincerely ,
Customs Administration, Ministry Of Finance
Are you satisfied with our reply?


So it looks to me like the courier companies need to realise for now that they cannot demand foreigners to use EZWay for Real Name Authentication, and should learn not to block our shipments. I am guessing that the courier companies weren’t fully informed or prepared by the customs administration.

Meanwhile, I am not sure whether the usual assignment of Power of Attorney (POA) function will work as before, where one just used the EZWay App to fill in the details of one’s ID and the shipment number etc. this is available only for a set of couriers listed on the EZWay app. I guess that the Customs Authority was originally concerned about fraudulent use of this function.

I ordered something from the States a month ago. Got stuck with SF Express shipping. It just sat with them in Chicago for weeks with no notification to me at all.

I did some digging and research and discovered I needed to do the EZ App name verification… which doesn’t work for foreign residents of Taiwan.

The above is for citizens. Allows name verification.

The below us for noncitizens. Doesn’t allow name verification.

Very upsetting and frustrating.

Ended up calling SF Express who allowed me to send them my identification. They said they would get the package moving.

Had I not done all the footwork on this, my package would have been collecting dust in Chicago for who knows how long.


This needs to be fixed.
It’s just wrong.

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Who should I contact about this? I have a package on the way from the U.K. which I’ve been waiting on for about 6 weeks now. Should I contact Royal Mail or someone on Taiwan’s side?

I only have visitor visa so I can’t register for EZ

The delivery service.
They are the only ones who can help. Do you have tracking on your package?

Yeah it just left the U.K. on the 27th, after being stuck there for a month. I was gonna wait a week before chasing them up just in case it gets delivered

If you buy Taobao stuff, dont use the SF fast service. My stuff got stuck and nobody told me need to contact SFExpres. Use the economy Air if you want it faster

I order a lot of stuff by sea, because it’s cheaper but also there are lots of restriction by air, meaning certain things like electronics is sea only.