Tattoos are ugly

…and stupid.

That is all.

I agree. I never understood the whole tattoo craze.

ugly, stupid AND cheap ! :soapbox:

Oh, porcelainprincess has an opinion,

How great. What is your point?

Here is the use of the word “ugly” again. The word “ugly” is more offensive than any tattoo I have ever seen.

If you don’t like it, don’t look at it.

It has nothing to do with you. It can’t hurt you. It’s just skin art.

Offended? Then look away, and go about your day.

No one said you had to get a tattoo.

Good Grief.


[quote=“JOHN MOSS”]Oh, porcelainprincess has an opinion,

How great. What is your point?[/quote]
Oops, I’ve been talking in riddles again. I tend to do that. I won’t mince words, then. Here’s my point in a nutshell:

Tattoos are ugly. And stupid.

Perhaps your aesthetic sensibility isn’t very refined? I’ve seen loads of tattoos that offend even the barest modicum of artistic sense. Most of them, actually, are offensive. As are they ugly.

That’s a tall order when the girl at the counter taking my, erm, tall order and giving me change out of the cash register has tattoos all the way up her arms and peeking out of her top. I do my best not to look at them, though, true enough.

They hurt my eyes. Their presence in a room lowers the mean IQ quotient by at least 10 points, thereby increasing the likelihood of an accident, for gawd’s sakes!

[quote=“JOHN MOSS”]Offended? Then look away, and go about your day.

No one said you had to get a tattoo.[/quote]
Yes, actually, there was a woman in Toronto back in 1994 who said as much to me once. I actually hemmed and hawed as a means of satisfying certain biological urges. Which shames me to this day.

Oh, not that I almost caved and got a three-inch tall eagle on my shoulder, I mean those urges…I find them shameful…but that’s another issue…

Yep, trashy. But I like trashy boys…

Well, at least it’s not as bad as piercing yourself.

Self mutilation isn’t cool.

Aiyer. Yes, foul. But hey, none of my business.

I think tattoo ART is pretty cool.

There is a guy in Taipei I know who has the full torso tattoos, front and back and both arms. It looks pretty cool.

Calling them “ugly” is something I wouldn’t do. “Out of place” might be a better way for ME, personally,to describe them.

Some people fit their tattoo perfectly, like a short muscular guy with a tasmanian devil on his arm. But most of the tattoos I’ve seen, in the military were ones that the wearer had to get used to. Which might be interpreted in another way as “regret.”

But they’re just so cool if they have Chinese characters, right? Never mind if the people getting them are completely unable to read them or tell if they’re written wrong. :wink:

All of y’all have seen Hanzismatter, right?

Oh yes, Hanzismatter is cool, and those poor, poor bastards he highlights are sad, sad, sad.

I was amazed while in Thailand recently to note that almost everybody under 35 seemed to have one. Tribal art thingees around the top of the arms were big, as were the strange ideas women seem to get it into their heads that requires plastering just north of their arses. Yes it might make me glance down there, but I probably would anyway.

The north of the arse tat on women, and I know the Americans have a good term for this* but I forget it, always leaves me pondering how it would feel to be, you know, looking at it after being together for twenty years and going at it doggie style. Does the bloke while shagging and looking down at the tat start pondering ways to improve it? "I could add a bit more colour here, some extra curly lines there . . . " Wouldn’t that just distract from the business at hand? Is that what it’s supposed to do?

  • Edit: Tramp stamp!

And here’s a good example. Everything was perfect to mine eyes until the fricking text. Does her boyfriend come too fast? Is this a delaying exercise for when he’s going at it from behind? I can’t think of any other reason. And the opening blurb is some blather about love being patient and blind . . . then onto three things that last forever . . . she doesn’t mention he boyfriend, so I think I’m on the money with the premature ejaculation theory.

Here is another woman who’s boyfriend clearly has ejaculatory issues, and it’s easy to imagine why . . . before that stupid frigging addition of the ink!

Truth is a tattoo can look good, but please remember to keep the bod in shape. Nothing worse than some wreck of an individual with a shabby tattoo. I also think skin colour is important. Tats seem to work on darker skin than glaring white, and if you add pink to that equation after a day in the Thai sun, plus say a hundred surplus pounds, well then the results are grim, Jim.

I do like traditional tats on Polynesians. they got the skin colour for it and the patterns are cool. But when someone does this to themselves, why then you really, really have to wonder.


HGC, the phrase you’re looking for is “tramp stamp.”

Thanks JD . . just edited that in . … sorry!


It’s funny. I have never had a man tell me that my tattoo was ugly. Or stupid. Every man who has ever seen it has said it was sexy.

Did you gear they were taking the word “gullible” out of the Oxford English dictionary next year? It’s the darnest of things.

SAF, SAF, SAF . . . we men are carefully trained. “Honey, do I look fat in this?” “Be a pet, what do you think of my new purple frizzy hair?” “My tattoo’s pretty damned sexy, eh?” :laughing:

But of course, as I said, some tats do work and it is eminently probable yours does.


Tattoos as a concept were bearable back when they were the domain of sailors, because sailors are supposed to be ugly. Sometime around 1990 all of a sudden everybody started getting them, and it soon became clear how really awful tattoos look, especially when applied to skin.

The stupidity is twofold: first, obviously, once the regret kicks in and you realize how dumb it looks, you subsequently realize how expensive and/or painful it would be to remove it; and second, by getting a tattoo you’ve branded yourself for all to see as the most toe-curlingly moronic kind of sheep–the type that fashions himself or herself as a rebel who (ha, ha, ha) dances to the beat of a different drummer.

I once had a shirt I absolutely loved wearing. If I had had the choice, I guess I would have worn it everyday.

You guys are showing your age. Opinions may vary, but most of the guys under 35 who I’ve talked to about tattoos think they are very sexy on women. (I don’t have one, btw, so the sexy comments weren’t directed at me, but rather at women with tats in general.)

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I present Asia Argento.

Um, NSFW version here. It’s not porn, it’s art. And she was really good in Land of the Dead

I don’t have a problem with them, and I don’t generalize about people with them. They’re just snot for me. I feel that way now, at 39, and I felt the same way at 20, when I saw LOTS of tattoos in the USMC.

I don’t think a tattoo makes a woman sexy.

Now, toe rings on the other hand. hubba hubba!