Tatung rice cooker

My gf bought a Tatung rice cooker when I came back claiming it’s the best and so lucky to get one bargain price NT$ 2500.
My opinion it’s like was designed in 1920 boils and splutters like a witches cauldron, no on/off switch on to cook or stay on for warming, I have to unplug it! Waste as much electricity as possible please.
Oh and rice sticks to inner pot.
Imagine my surprise in Costco I see this.
Tatung ancient piece of shite NT$ 3999 instant pot that does everything has a digital display on/off switch blah blah NT$ 3699
Taiwan baffles me, leading world chip manufacturers, very smart technology students but they buy what at inflated prices the same crap their great grandmother used.


its like the ak47 of rice cookers, old but will always work. I dont have one myself, but we have one in the office and it works ok, no problems with sticking or splatter.


I switched to brown rice that doesn’t stick, but the lid rattles up and down from the steam, it’s not fixed down.
I hate it.

Tatung rice cookers are used for all kinds of things, and yea new they can be a bit expensive. Traditionally that’s always how much they sell new.

You can buy them used for significantly less, I got mine for like 600.

These rice cookers are simple, reliable and they can work for decades.

Some models have on off switches that allows you to turn off the warming function if you are not using it. But the conventional wisdom is you unplug it when not using it.


Do one with on off switch cost 4999ntd new :wink:
Why don’t Taiwan power sockets not have on/off switches?
Let’s face the truth who unplugs all electrical items, 1% of the population……

You can just unplug it at the appliance. Takes two seconds to do. They’re great for cooking stuff like beans. Or use one of those power strips with individual switches. Doesn’t cost more than 300.

Like I said buy them used. They are very robust and unless you plug a 110 model into a 220 socket will last until the end of time, so if they work they work.

Tatung charge so much for it because they can… I mean 2500 seems to be the price for the base model for who knows how long.

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I used this one in the U.K.
Notice the Price, made in Germany, sealed lid no spluttering, non stick inner pot cooks everything, looks nice and had a on/off switch automatically if you wish.
I accept no defence of the Tatung rice even if it will operate for a 100 years, it’s shite!

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I want that instant pot. Especially if I can finally get my hands on black beans.

Making refried beans in a pressure cooker with a sauteed function was a game changer back in the USA. But I had to give away my ninja foodie when I came back to Taiwan :sob:

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These will only cook rice/beans.

People use Tatung rice cookers as a slow cooker. You may have noticed that the tea eggs they sell at 7-11 uses Tatung rice cookers.

You can’t use these kind of cookers for that (these are known as automatic rice cookers).

You dont’ know how to use it.

It’s the best thing for healthy conscious macro upkeep person. I love it!

I hate Congee, yes leave on all day and watch your electric bill rise.
What’s the power consumption of these shit pots?

Not true I used it to cook rice and peas with Salmon fillet on the top steamer rack at same time.

Oh then its not for you.

Unplug it when you are done using it. If something I can’t use and hate to use, I just dont’ use it. You need to talk to your girl friend if it bothers you that much, lol.

I think they’re about 1500 watts when cooking, about 300 or so watts when warming. Heating elements really do consume lots of electricity.

I’ve made it quite clear it’s not for me!

Who says I haven’t told my gf? Keep assumptions to yourself.

Keep yours and enjoy :blush:

My bad if it comes off wrong, but complaining about it ain’t gona make it better.

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Complaining makes me feel better


Explain to me why it cost more than the instant pot?
My original post.

I think it is the durability. I’ve had mine for over ten years.

If the OP is not in Taiwan then they’re imported, and hence the higher price.

Otherwise if the lack of a switch is such a bother, get a soldering gun and a dremel and add an on off switch. It’s not that hard, and the thing is pretty simple.