TD Ameritrade

Does anyone use TD Ameritrade to buy/sell stocks in Taiwan with a TAIWANESE bank account?

Or any other platform using a Taiwanese bank account.

Interactive Brokers works with TW bank accounts. Just transfer the money into your brokerage account. Very low transaction fees too!

Edit: actually to buy TW stocks using local brokers tends to be a lot cheaper.

I want to buy US stocks.

Which Interactive Broker do you use?

That is their name:

oh my bad, thank you.

I transfer money to my tdameritrade account from my Taiwanese bank.

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Who do you bank with?

Any Taiwanese bank will change your TWD to USD and wire them to the US. You have to open an account at TD Ameritrade first, they will have an option to “fund your account” and display account details for their US based USD account. You take those details to your Taiwanese bank and they will send your money there, for a fee. Once the money arrives you start trading.

Thank you. When you transfer funds from TD Ameritrade to a Taiwan bank will there also be a fee involved?

Life is about fees my son. You either swim with the sharks or you frolic in the kiddies bathing pool

TD Ameritrade probably offers free or very cheap withdrawals, even for international wires. My broker offers one free international wire per month, for example. Your Taiwanese bank will charge you a fee for receiving the wire. There may also be fees from intermediary banks, if the wire is not routed directly to your Taiwanese bank.

I don’t know about TD Ameritrade but my Charles Schwab brokerage account has a debit/checking account card attached to it and I use that in Taiwan from time to time. The fee is zero and they rebate atm fees from others, unlimited. I assume Ameritrade has something similar.

The wire fee from Cathay to the US is 800ntd which isn’t much if you send enough at a time. I’m too lazy to shop that and deal with another bank here, but I assume they all have similar wire fees.

Anyone else here using TDAmeritrade?

I’m setting up a paper money account and I want to be able to see after hours/ premarket moves on the display. Can’t seem to find it. :rant:

I’m curious to this as well and sorry I can’t answer your question, but I can only see this data through the desktop client with Schwab…can trade pre/after on the phone app but can’t see the current quote (it forces a limit order).

If TDA can do it I might switch. Or, perhaps Interactive Brokers?

I’ve reached out to the help desk…we’ll see tomorrow.

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I tried to open a cash account with TD and uploaded my documents for verification but it’s been a month and I haven’t heard anything from them…

They’re all working from home and seem overwhelmed. My local guy sends any email request on to the 800 number. :confused:

For those using TD Ameritrade, how were you able to set up withdrawals from the TD Ameritrade account into your local Taiwanese bank account (I have a USD account with a local bank)? It seems annoying to connect these two accounts on TD’s end - I have to mail a form to the States every time I need a withdrawal, and it’s unclear how long it would take to process.

If you’re not a US citizen or Permanent Resident, it is not possible to get a Visa Debit Card linked to your TDAmeritrade brokerage account. So seems like the annoying international wire transfer withdrawal process is your only option to actually “access” those funds…

I wonder if Schwab Brokerage is the same for non-US citizens.

I was able to open a TDAM account in 2 weeks. Fill up your info online and then email them for expedited verification