Teaching during covid

Does anyone know if it is possible for an American to come teach English possibly by September. I am going to try to finish my trfl over the summer, college graduate, and volunteered taught on the mainland for awhile.
I am studying supply chain and would really like to get in the country to improve my chinese. I was in hong kong and vietnam when covid began and had to change my plans and spend time in Japan before going home. I just say this as i know how things can be complicated. Pfizer vaccinated. Any info is much appreciated.


seems highly unlikely that anyone is looking to hire from abroad at this time

and also if you don’t already have an ARC i don’t think they will issue you a residence visa to come here and apply for an ARC

So far, the freeze on visas has been extended for the duration of level 3. So basically for the foreseeable future. I’ve been trying to get back in for a while now but looks like no one is getting in until the lock down gets lifted

I’m trying to bring over a teacher from SA but the travel ban has made that impossible. With the cases dwindling down I think it is possible that they open the borders to people that have jobs here. I do think the boarders will be opened by September.

I hope you are right. I really want to get back into Taiwan