Teenagers gang fight

I’ve heard about people getting beat up by like a dozen locals. Something you’d rarely see back home.(where I grew up) I don’t go to bars much and until yesterday, it was just something I’d heard of.

I was on my way back from work at 9:30 pm and I drove past an internet cafe. About 18 guys(at least) were beating this one guy up. The were kicking him on the legs, slapping, punching and many were using their eggshell scooter helmets as weapons. It was a bit disturbing to be honest. I felt like doing something but there were too many of them.

The weird thing is, as nasty as it looked, the victim never fell down and once they moved away from him, his face didn’t look like he’d been beat up. I’ve seen worse results with one on one many times before. A few guys came back randomly and threw a punch or a kick and the idiot just stood there waiting for some more punishment? I was thinking “go! you moron” but he just stood there for a solid 2-3 minutes. One guy approached him and as he yelled at him he swung his helmet with incredible speed at the victim’s head. The noise alone was enough to suggest that it had to hurt. Yet he just stood there.

One young lost soul went to his scooter and pulled out a small hand-gun. I assumed it was a bb gun… No, I’m serious, if a grown man had pulled a gun out, I would have been on my way but I just kept observing thinking it’s a fake. I was stopped at an intersection light only about 50 yards away and when the light turned green I just stayed there looking. Nothing happened, some words were exchanged and it seemed one of the offenders convinced the gunman to put the gun back. Then the victim got on a scooter with another teenager and they left.

Scary to think about what some of these kids will be up to in ten years from now…:unamused:


He was probably stunned. Just standing there because he was stunned. I have been hit so hard that I couldn’t move before.
And then again they could have been beating him up for being KiShao. I wouldn’t put that past the teenagers here… or anywhere else really. Teenagers suck.

How about calling the police when you see something like that? There’s a number where they speak English - I don’t have it anymore, but I used to have it in my phone just in case.

While I was back home, my not-yet-brother-in-law, a not too savvy guy in his mid-20s, got in a fight. He and some buddies against a few guys. I wasn’t here to see it, but apparently his guys won. Despite that, he came back with a disturbingly swollen face, and a BREAD KNIFE wound to his face.

Fortunately, it was decided that he should head elsewhere and lie low for a couple of years.

Nice to see what people will do when they get it wrong, ain’t it?

[quote=“Notsu”]How about calling the police when you see something like that? There’s a number where they speak English - I don’t have it anymore, but I used to have it in my phone just in case.[/quote]There was already about a dozen girls talking on the phone. I can’t see none of them doing just that.


Should have had Mordeth with you. He’d have sorted them out sharpish.

One time I saw a car pull up alongside another, guys got out with baseball bats, and broke all the windows of the other car. I was on a scooter, and sped away to get around a corner (so I wouldn’t be seen calling) and called the police on my cellphone. Of course, by the time they got there, the punks were gone. I never had a good vantage point to get the license plate numbers…

Taking licence numbers won’t make a difference if the victim will not press charges. I doubt this guy would, just kids. He was too dumb to even walk away anyways. He almost looked apologetic. I wish I knew what it was about.

Moredeth, what would you have done? :smiley:


This is my cue to go on about Taiwan being a haven of personal safety compared to my ex-home town of Liverpool, UK. This sort of thing happens like clockwork every Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I got jumped by about 8 guys in their mid-20s at 3pm on a Sunday in a busy-ish city centre street because I was riding a bicycle.

Which one of them did it belong to?

:wink: Sorry. Scouser stereotypes and all that. No offence. :wink:

I was born in London, thankyouverymuch.

Now bugger off, I’ve got these car stereos that need shifting…

Which one of them did it belong to?

:wink: Sorry. Scouser stereotypes and all that. No offence. :wink:[/quote]

Sounds reasonable to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Never forget this image in my whole life.
I was in the airport in Osaka on my way to Saipan. While I was waiting for my plane, I was looking around a electronic store. They had some discussion show on the tvs and it looked like they were discussing stuff like this around the world. Well when they got to Taiwan, they showed this video that had been taken from a building’s securities cam.

This kid just sitting on his scooter waiting gets blindsided from behind with a baseball bat. The kid who did it just stepped up and swung harder than Sosa. :astonished: You could see the kid on the scooter just slump over, of course proabably dead on impact, while the other kids just kept beating him and kicking and all that stuff.

Right when you think they had had enough, one of the perps had the nerve to come back and dump a flower pot on the body, which by now was obviously dead and lying his side, scooter on top. Then they cut to his granny crying her eyes out at the morgue.

Cold reality.

Sounds reasonable to me. :p[/quote] Especially if the bicycle was newish. :laughing:

[quote=“Nama”]Cold reality.[/quote]I think that sums it up quite well.


hey bobpine,

just wondering, do you think it may have been a gang initiation on the victim, and therefore he had to stand and take the beating in order to be allowed in the gang?

the sky is the limit as far as gang initiations go. at least if this was an initiation it was on one of their members and not a random stranger.



I had just finished teaching a class at a buxiban in Muzha and all the students had left, when I heard some commotion coming from down the hallway. I peered down to see my manageress and the bus driver trying to hold closed the door from the office, and they asked for my help.

So I walked up and saw through the plastic-glass door about five guys with iron bars furiously trying to smash their way through the door. I grabbed the handle and put my knee below my elbow to keep it in place as the guys kept smashing at the plexiglass. It soon smashed just inches from my face, and I gave the order to run for it, and we all raced down the corridor and into my classroom. I ran through the classroom and through the door that leads onto the street, only to meet a ‘gangster’ about to come through the same door. He took a swing at me, but I ducked past him out onto the street. He entered the classroom.

Unfortunately, that now left my manageress and driver in a predicament, as they were trying to hold shut the door to the corridor, which had gangsters trying to smash their way through it, and now they had a gangster or two approaching from behind.

I tried to run into adjacent shops to call the police, but the people inside had locked the doors and none would not let me in, ignoring my signalled requests to use the phone. I had to run three blocks to my old school, and even they refused until I started shouting. After they called the police, I ran back, and arrived just in time to see the first police car arrive.

The police spoke to the manageress while I had a look around my classroom. The walls and whiteboard were smeared and splattered with blood, and the force of the missed blows were apparent in the size of the holes in the wall and dents in the metal door. The carnage carried on into the corridor and blood splats lead me to the office, which had been completely destroyed: the computer, desk, windows and doors had all been smashed. With the coast now safely clear, the few young students who had still been at the school began emerging from another classroom that some of the co-teachers had barricaded them all inside.

The trail of blood carried on down the street. Apparently the driver was already in an ambulance and on his way to the hospital.

I asked my manageress what the hell happened, and was told it was ‘nothing’. I demanded more of an answer. It turns out one of the gangsters was arguing with his girlfriend outside the school and had banged his fist against the van that the driver was dozing in. The driver got out and in no uncertain terms told the young man to be more respectful of people’e property. The man, feeling he had lost face in front of his girlfriend, went and got some of his mates … and the rest you know.

Freaked me out, to say the least! The manageress, however, took it all in her stride. She told me the police knew the gangsters and would get them to pay for the damage, so there was no need to press charges! :loco:

I left soon after.

Last weekend at the beach a funny thing happened.

Like in most countrys, local youth + Booze + Not much to do = trouble

20 teenagers were drinking. 2 gangsters (also drunk) roll-up in thier modded scooters and claim that the teenagers were reving thier (unmodified) thier engines and proceed to start to beat the 1 teenager on the scooter they thought was disrespecting them. The other 19 just sort of stand around. The 1 teenager runs into our surf club to avoid a beating. Gangsters don’t come into the surf club because we have about 10 aboriginy surfers hanging about. But, there are families and kids at the club, so we call the cops. Gangsters run off.

By this time the teenagers have now collected about 40 people and brought clubs. Gangsters optimistically come back with 4 people, 3 clubs and 1 watermelon knife. They find the one teenager they beat on before and go after him with clubs. Teenager gets 3 people and go after the gangsters with thier clubs. What absolutely useless fighters. (Oh, did I mention that two of the combatants were girls also armed with clubs?) Both parties scream “Gan li Niang” and charge each other. Barely one shot connected and they spent most of their time falling ont he ground after swinging too hard with the clubs w/out connecting and instead hit each other scooters. Picture 4 people (2 girls, 2 guys) screaming profanity and beating fallen over sccoters. The other 36 teenagers are milling around becuase now the cops (2 cops vs. 40) have shown up. Cops now run over to the fight and both parties pick up the bikes and split at high speed.

Things are now quiet since everyone split. Cops are wandering around trying to get the story and making comments like - ‘gee, those 20 teenagers are pretty useless - why couldn’t 20 fight back against 2 and be done with it?’

Now for the showdown. There are now like 60 teenagers wandering around looking for the gangsters. The 4 gangsters show up again - the cry goes up and all 60 teenagers converge on the gangters. Cops are left panting in the dust. 60 teenagers with clubs proceed to pulp the 2 gangsters and their girlfriends. At this point I was headed home after tying my boards to the top of my car.

Funny how the 40 youths felt braver against the 4 once their 20 mates turned up. :laughing:

Sounds alot like Taiwanese opera…lots of loud cat-squalling, grimacing and furious motion meaning absolutely nothing.

And they love movies with names like “Hero”…