Terry Gou for President?


Foxconn’s Terry Gou says he’s considering a run for the Taiwan presidency, he will decide in the next few days.

:point_up_2: may have been posted elsewhere in the forum. comments by TG on Han’s Harvard speech.

I thought I read somewhere that Han would support a Gou candidacy, but can’t find it.

Does “working hard” mean following “process” uncreatively and staring at a screen for 70hrs a week at an unlivable wage? Because that sounds like now.


Interesting drama.
Terry wants to know, beijing or washington?

I imagine he feels quite self important.

The problem is he is too close to the PRC govt

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The effects on the Foxconn stocks were incredible!


I think that arrogance , displayed like that , is not going to be a vote winner . Just imagine if the Trumpster did that :joy:

What a cunt.

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Trump is very arrogant and proud , the worlds top narcissist in contention with Putin and the Chinese and North Korea leaders …and they are all winning.

The sheeple like to support the outspoken, the ones who think of themselves as gods. We love heros.

Witness the adulation bestowed on tiger woods who really only plays golf, has not contributed to the world beyond golf.

He’s on front page of every US newspaper and Trump is going to award him the top medal for a civilian

We love heros people who have the CAN DO attitude.

They may be despots and tyrants and have other less than noble qualities but oh boy we the sheeple love them

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good catch on Hon Hai’s stock price.
a good indication that insiders have more confirmed knowledge of TG’s actual decision.
TG is never one to let a good opportunity go by to punt his own firm’s shares

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Interesting thing is that his question seems to be sort of binary- usa or china. And yet it shouldn’t be. But maybe he is just not political.
To be fair I am not even sure exactly what the real question was.

HeHe …I find myself asking the same thing far to often . :smiley:

A non important question directed against a minor personage . The major story is Terry Gou on stage acting superior and indignant at the status quo. Setting the stage for further political moves. Politics is Chess. The pawns may set the stage but look out for the bishop.


Showing KMT he won’t take stuff from DPP, even if Hsiao’s explanation (bright lights on stage) appear logical and probably correct.

Maybe we hAve a new godman on the world stage. Terry God (Zilla)

Can he just die already?

and I wouldn’t put it past TG’s guile to run for presidency, all the while retreating from his investments in ChiCommland.
The commies will be happy he’s running, but run into a conundrum if he’s disinvesting there at the same time.
Moreover, if he wins, he gets 4 years of battlefield cover to further disinvest and move elsewhere. That’s my :2cents:

Holy Cow …frightened me to death . :wink: I need to change it to a harmless bovine picture

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