Tesla Cars in Taiwan

Just noticed a Tesla dealer in Taipei Hsinyi district in Shin Kong San Yue (新光三越) Mitsukoshi Building A11 first floor front door across from Warner Village Theater.

Cool! The screen on the dash in the car is huge.

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It’s happening!

What I don’t get is the article states that some parts that Tesla has been using since it’s first model in 2008 have been made in Taiwan, but…

The Tesla Model S sells for significantly higher prices in Taiwan than it does in the United States, with a base Model S going for NT$3.1 million (US$98,894) and a high-end vehicle –featuring the largest battery, longest range, and highest speed — for some NT$4.2 million (US$131,859). The equivalent prices in the United States would be US$71,000 and US$109,000 respectively — reduced even further by a US$7,500 tax rebate offered by the U.S. government.

Why am I not surprised.

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Most imports have high import and other taxes added. I guess Taiwan gives no incentive for environmentally friendly vehicles but not sure.

Maybe time will tell. Government does give rebates with Gogoro for the intial purchase, but I think many owners have stated the monthly battery plan is not budget friendly.

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Found this…
2014年 Tesla ModelS 美俥國際


Give him a call.

(Actually, I was looking for the Tesla power box, and found this. Keep us informed)

Taiwan has the incentives but Tesla has to provide charging stations in the country, which are starting to come online as we speak, including supercharger stations. Perhaps this is factored into the price.

The fact that it is not double the US price is amazing. A lot of the other luxury cars seem to be just about double.

Anyone here bought one yet? I’ve started to see Model X, which is the one I’m interested in.

I drove one two years ago and was amazed (speed, silence, …), but I would never buy one here regarding the Taiwanese traffic mentality - here you obviously have to be LOUD in order to stay safe.

I would consider buying one in Taiwan but I’m not sure how to manage during week long trips driving in the mountains and in east coast.

I think it requires at least a 240-volt connection not that it is a problem in Taiwan.

I put a down payment for the model 3 when it first came out. Hopefully it’ll be ready when I move back to the states in a few years.

I’m surprised I don’t see more hybrids on the streets, something like a Prius would be perfect for taxi/uber in Taipei.

still driving my Prius Alpha…

Taxi drivers use wish hybrids and there are a lot of hybrid Japanese cars on the streets.
But a lot of taxi drivers just can’t afford hybrids cos supposedly if they crash em cost a fortune to fix the engines .

Seems like there are plenty of superchargers now, maybe your trip is now possible.

From my experience looking to import my hybrid from the States, Taiwan has a ridiculous tax policy. My hybrid cost extra to import compared to a gas guzzler. You’d think a small island would incentivize hybrids and electric vehicles…

Where are their charging stations in Taipei?

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Followed a blue Model S on the highway this weekend. Yesterday, my buddy told me he saw a red Tesla (didn’t say what model) on Saturday.

Article mentions that gov wants the company to register as a transportation company, but the article doesn’t really state whether the company will comply. Another Uber on our hands?

:thinking: May be this tank is not so bad for Taiwan’s roads…