Testosterone discussion

Body fat is Estrogen forming and Testosterone reducing.
TRT is for life, it is not a bodybuilding cycle.
A Test levcl of less than 500 is not good.

PCT I did once. Never again it made me feel like puking. I have heard that using some sort of steroid that does not aromatize much can help alleviate the recovery period like Winstrol :wink:, but that is just what I have heard.
I notice a lot of men get men “breasts” luckily I have never had that and my pecs are still hard. Wish I could post a pic but you know a family friendly site and all that.
But what would I know.

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True. And the worst that can happen is you cannot have access to it anymore , and then you would just be back the where you are now until you could get it again.

Sorry, but if you don’t do PCT or you are on cruising, or you have no love for your BALLS and BODY! No PCT means, you gonna go down worse than before you started, because your body does not know it needs to produce testosterone, and also you might develop high estrogens, it can take months for your body to understand he needs to produce testosterone again, your LH is completely on vacation! It does not matter what kind of steroid you stack, you took testosterone in a cycle, you need PCT.

NO PCT MEANS: Lose all the gains and sometimes even more than what you started with, months for your body to understand it needs to produce testosterone again, risk of have high levels of estrogen, depression and other side effects. The post cycle is the worst moment during the 16 weeks cycle, those 2 weeks getting out of the cycle and preparing for the PCT is the most horrible ones. The PCT is necessary.

Very important to understand, testosterone in a cycle is different than TRT (low doses), so PCT is necessary, if you are cruising then I would understand you don’t need.

Yes these things are reversible. Firstly I would suggest watching “The Gamechangers”. After that take a good hard look at what you put into your body. Some things are not as bad as others. Prepare a diet plan. Expect setbacks but don’t punish yourself for it or use themas an excuse to give up.
Work out an exercise plan. Start off slow. Make goals. Don’t be disappointed when you don’t reach a certain goal. Just keep working towards it.
There are multiple choices for training. Swimming, running, cycling, gym, martial arts (including yoga and pilates), HIIT (also known as cardio). Most long term athletes or people concerned with their health will choose a mixture within that group. Personally I find cycling here in Taiwan to be quite dangerous although the riverside tracks aren’t so bad.
Over-exercising while not consuming the proper dietary intake causes mineral loss not Test loss. Mineral loss leads to calcium deficiency and weakened bone strength.

I was looking at doing TRT so spoke with a few doctors about it. Told them my diet and exercise regime. They were stunned at my age that I could be doing such a large amount of exercise. My bloodwork all came back perfect. They didn’t do a T test as they felt I didn’t need it (90kg with 10% body fat at most).

So I did a bit more research into how much test I would need to take to get a boost to my strength and performance. The numbers were huge and it would cost a fortune. There’s an argument for HGH once you get to a certain age (and if you can afford it cos that shit is expensive) but a proper diet with a balanced exercise regime along with regular sex does almost the same thing. I say almost cost HGH is really a massive shift but it is expensive so really only for those that can afford to throw away $4000US a month to feel better.

As others have said. Deadlifts/squats or even leg press exercises. At a minimum. I think a lot of people confuse muscle weakness/atrophy due to years of not being used with low T levels. Running also helps but the older you get the more likely you’ll have blown discs in your lower back (this is also normal). Cycling is a good exercise to get oxygen into the muscles in your legs.

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Why would it cost a fortune?
You mean legally or illegally? Steroids are generally cheap.
Something like test cyp is not expensive.

HGH is protein-based hormone, and they are different from steroid.
HGH is less harmful to your body, rater it is way more expensive.

Again, I would much prefer not to have to get on something for life. But don’t want to feel like crap all the time.
Doing some research, besides injections, I see there are pellet options. Does anyone have any experience as to how those work and the pros and cons of them. Not even sure if they have those in Taiwan.
A friend also recommend trying Chinese medicine. Which is equivalent to drinking bark. I wasn’t too keen on that, but if it’s better than some life long treatment, then I might try it. Anyone have any experience with that?

HGH is not cheap. Test Cyp is relatively cheap. Even then you’re taking a risk as to the origin and cleanliness of the source. If used correctly and with the appropriate side meds steroids can be quite safe and the more commonly reported complications/side effects can be easily avoided.

I know, I was talking about steroids and more specifically steroids that mimic testosterone not HGH which yes is expensive.
And I would disagree HGH is less harmful.

sure, make your research :slight_smile:

I’m reading that good testing is critical, and not commonly available. Which hospitals/clinics offer a thorough test of your testosterone levels and various hormones? If I need to specifically ask for a test, which things should I ask for?

I am a biochemist, you?

I’m none of your business type!

Are you still in Taiwan? I am 39 and VERY interested in TRT. I have only been lifting for 3 years.