Texas Tom’s BBQ, Bakery, Food by Pop-up and Delivery

Food looks great. Delivers island-wide.

I can’t seem to pull a Facebook link.




At Craft pop-up, had the quiche and the pasta both yum.

Friday nights at Craft is BBQ meat pop-up…


we meant to go, but forgot the time window. Good to know about Friday nights though.

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Obviously this information about last night is too late now, but reminding forumosans that Texas Tom’s does semi-regular pop-ups next to Crafted in Maji Square. (Not every week, as I discovered to some disappointment a while back.)

Nope, I didn’t attend; I was on my bike at 4:30pm in the area and thought “Oh hey, are they doing that tonight? And can I grab dinner there?” But the 6:30pm start didn’t work for me.

(And a pointless much-repeated gripe: boy I wish restaurants went back to having websites. I haven’t logged into Facebook in years, and refuse to do so, which means accessing restaurant info is a hassle.)

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Wanted dinner at 4:30 PM, eh? That’s gonna make options limited anywhere.

I had the pork last night. Good stuff.

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Eh, 5:30 could have worked for me, and that’s what I was looking for. But based on where I was, I couldn’t think of a fun cycling route that’d have me back in the area two+ hours later. And in many cases “starting at 6:30pm” doesn’t really mean starting at 6:30pm, although I have no idea what’s the case here.

Had the brisket last night, it was good. Wished the bbq sauce was a bit thicker, other than that i definitely recommend

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Totally agree.

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