TFETP - Applying for work permit

Hi everyone,
I’ve been accepted and offered a position at two elementary schools in Taichung through the TFETP. That said, I have to apply for a work permit on my own - how do I go about this?

I’ve found this website: EZ Work Taiwan which seems like it’s for work permits, but I just can’t figure out where I am supposed to go. I’ve looked at the Online Application section and click into the “Work Permit for Professional Foreign Worker” tab, but the school section for this seems like it’s focused on managerial jobs. I’m just kinda lost as to where to begin on this. If anyone has some ideas/knows how to go about this, I’d really appreciate some help on it.


Deleted on account of I misread your post.

However generally your employer applies for the permit on your behalf.

OK, so I’ll just be providing the documents. Thanks.

This was my experience. There will be documents required from the school as well

If they make you do it, find another school