🇹🇭 Thailand - Retiring to Thailand


Sounds like a remake of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.


I wonder if there would be some angry surprised responses.

I expected to be getting xiaolongbao, stinky tofu, and a world-famous semiconductor industry! This fraudulant place has none of these things! :rofl:



Come on let’s be honest.

People are sending their elderly family to Thailand so they have an additional excuse to visit Thailand.


And why not. When a man is tired of Thailand he is tired of life.


I can’t believe this topic has been here for 10 days and not one post from @andrew

Why? I’m not even close to retiring… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Was trying to help you find Thailand cause you got lost on the way there. When one hits 18, one is ready to retire.

Just money getting in the way.

I had my retirement at 24. Then I ran out of money and had to come out of retirement.


Oh ok, I got it now. Good memory - it must be months ago I said that!

Intending/hoping to have a longish trip there later this year. Been waaay too long!


I’d like to go too. Couple friends bugging me to visit.

Resurrecting an old thread here… saw the title “Retiring to Thailand” and that’s what I’m planning to do.

I had considered retiring in Taiwan, having experience living there, but Taiwan doesn’t offer a path to retirement immigration that works for me.

So… off to Bangkok!

I’m not at the age of needing elder care (like in the OP’s post), but retiring in a place with decent elder care options is a plus, assuming I eventually reach the situation where I’ll need it.

If anyone else here is contemplating something similar, or has done it, please post or get in touch, so we can compare notes on pluses/minuses/gotchas/etc. I’d be interested to know what others have experienced.

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Thailand has to be better than Taiwan, you could possibly afford a house in Thailand.
Personally I don’t understand why I’m in Taiwan sometimes?

Thailand more English speakers, nicer food, less rules more crime.

I mean… I’m not that special and was able to afford one.

I re word it, houses are cheaper to buy in Bangkok than Taipei.


This site gives lots of if’s and but’s in comparison’s.

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And they’ve recently changed the laws about letting foreigners buy land, i believe. Previously the options were to buy a condo or take your chances putting it in your Thai wife’s name (i knew some guys that got burned)

In tourist areas and bangkok, maybe. The average isn’t much different

Waaaaaayyyyyyy nicer!

Yeah, you can’t save your table with a mobile phone but you can get on-the-spot traffic ticket discounts if you pay cash!


Doesn’t really take into account the nuances of buying a house in either place. On average it can be cheaper yes, but you’d have to contend with:

Property rights being less of a thing in Thailand and a restriction on foreigners owning land.
Non-democratic military junta that may engage in arbitrary enforcmeent of laws and arbitrary discrimination with no legal recourse.
Worse infrastructure
Dreadful Thai salaries (obviously your mileage may vary, if you can maintain the same salary, that’s different)
Higher levels of corruption in Thailand that may or may not impact building quality.

These are not one and dones and every person is different, it’s not necessarily unaffordable here, but I go on a ‘right for you’ basis. It may be right for you. But there is more to the picture.


Both Thailand and Taiwan have epic road-cycling, just stay away from Maya Beach.

That poor, poor place.

8 Ball from Underworld is a good track though.


Holy cow. Renting isn’t much of a difference but buy is about 1/3 as expensive.

And depending what you want on that chart, sometimes Bangkok is more expensive than Taipei to rent!



Hope you have cash. Because at least it’s possible here.

Mortgages for foreigners are basically unheard of in Thailand.