Thailand Travel?

I heard they had a special visa, but I sent an email to the tourist office recommended and just got a reply back saying wait for further news. I wonder if being from the UK is a turn off for them as it is a ‘hot spot’ I guess. I told them I was a Taiwan resident and hadn;t been to Europe in 5 years–but maybe they just go by passport? I know this STV is very expensive and and includes quarantine. But I have my break in January.

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Have a nice trip

Thanks and I guess I;'l wait. I read the Bangkok Post most days and they have been remarkably quiet about tourism for a whil. Today it was mentioned that around 4000 tourists have been admitted during the pandemic. But they didn’t mention the STV. 4000 is a drop in the ocean anyway.

That ‘Draft process for special tourist visa’ flowchart is comedy gold!

Yes it’s insane!

There most be many people struggling at the moment in Thailand, seems like the government have managed to stop the stories from reaching the media.

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I’m impressed the tourist continues to smile through that. I’d have thought he’d be holding a gun to his head by stage 25 or so.

Seems they forgot the last step.


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Anyone tracking current or upcoming vaccination, quarantine, Phuket sandbox, etc. requirements?