The AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) thread


If you ever do make enough get back to the US and can afford to pay exorbitant health care costs to private insurers, make sure you build your own roads and start your own army since you don’t think government works. How much is building your own border wall gonna cost you while you’re at it? I think you can get all the materials you need at the home depot for that. Get busy!

I don’t know about you, but paying a little extra money to have a nice society where we’re not baking ourselves to death due to carbon emissions, people get good college education, we have nice parks and a high speed rail seems like a good investment to me and something I’d gladly chip in for,

We get it, you want free stuff. Libertarians are the worst welfare queens on the planet


6.6 trillion a year is not a little money.


You don’t say!


Homersimpsun, I wonder if the passion you show for social programs isn’t rooted in your own guilt. Perhaps you grew up with a lot of the things that others around you didn’t? That’s great if you would like to share but, if you’re asking others to also share because of your guilt, you’re asking too much from others. Free education is not free. When you are older and trying to pay for your mortgage but the taxes you pay make things tight in your household you will also join the bootstrap crowd. I remember a period of time in my altruistic youth when I shouted, “fuck the banks!” outside the banks that were financing my education. I get your passionate ideals. It’s just misguided. Working for your bread and a little harder for the butter brings a certain amount of pride to people.


You make it seem like people are just going to pay a little money to get all these things…

Who wouldnt want all these things for a little money?

The gov takes a considerable amount already and have you driven on the roads in D.C and the nearby states. AWFUL. I’m suppose to believe they can take a little money and do all these things well?


I wouldn’t say its passion for social programs, so much as realizing that you have to pay for stuff.


So you love democracy?


What’s your alternative? No public sector? Let the mafia handle it?


Dont we all?


Me and others have already told you. Control gov spending and use it better. It seems you are the one who doesn’t comprehend you have to pay for stuff if you think we just have to pay a little more to have the things you said. How much are you willing to pay for other people education anyways.


One person, one vote?


There you go, we agree. I’m all for getting rid of wasteful govt spending, and a more efficient government.

That’s not the same as saying government is always a problem, immoral, etc.

I think we agree, although maybe not on what we’d allocate money to.


It often is, like this plan that would cost 6.6 trillion. How much more do you think you would pay extra for another person’s education?


Government is at times a problem, and at times functions well depending on who we elect and if they govern wisely or poorly.

Sort of like there are well run businesses and poorly run businesses in the private sector.

If people here hate government, give back your national health insurance TW gives you as a start. Stand up for what you believe in!


Except a business can’t print more money and force people to give up their money when things run poorly…So when dems say give us more money and we’ll do all this. No thanks.

You still don’t get it. It’s about how much power and what role the gov should have. Not if there should be a gov.


I was replying to a comment made by a different poster that government is never the answer or something like that.

Arguing for one or the other at this point is stupid, as corporations have farmed the US government and our elected officials are agents for them. Big Pharma writes our medical policy, etc. If you get arrested for tax evasion for not paying taxes that benefit pfizer, and then you’re thrown into a government contracted private prison, is that government or business?

They intersect, and the lines between public and private are dissolving.


There’s nothing private about a corporation whose stock is actively traded on the exchange. It’s merely the illusion that ordinary people control the means of production. In reality, it’s all concentrations of vast power.

When the people control the means of production, this is what’s called cottage industry. Anything else that uses such rhetoric is a lie.


Switzerland’s doing all right, for starters.


The Swiss pay taxes


Not to excess, they don’t.

And they’ve got guns.