The AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) thread


@homersimpsun, Most of us would like to go green if it’s well laid out and attainable with a legit plan. Regardless of climate change, most of us feel pollution is bad and we have at least some moral obligation to take care of the earth. But I’ve seen how these gov grand gestures worked out before. Taiwan is a example, DPP wanted to shut down the nuclear plants, go green and made all these promises. It turns out it’s a lot harder, cost a lot of money, has direct impact to the economy that’s hard to counter. And we ended up where we are now burning more coal than ever and having to reopen nuclear plants. France and Macron are in trouble with the fuel tax law. Germany made all these plans to go green and they burned more coal as well. They did close the last coal mine, but all these coal miners lost their job and they haven’t found a way to get them new jobs.

And i’ll admit, I’m not 100% sure the wall will do that much. But i know we can build it. I know our current border fence is really old and easy to pass from broken off parts. I know we don’t have enough border security and Texans have taken the matter into their own hands and volunteer down there. I know where the drugs and guns are coming from. I’ve seen schools get overwhelmed with non English speakers and the schools don’t have resources to handle it. It’s a real issue. I’m sure there are racists who just want it to keep the mexicans out or whatever. But most of us know it’s a serious issue and want to do something about it.


Good video.

May I ask, tempogain, what is your primary motivation for voting in the primaries? As it is right now, there is quite literally only one candidate I feel is worth voting for (Tulsi Gabbard, tbh), and considering my self-perceived lack of political understanding that is saying something. I have no “rathers,” or “if I had to-s” this time around, and I’m curious to know what you’re thinking.

I think I would value your opinion more because you are someone who went from R --> D, and those people seem to be those I associate more with these days… being more “moderate” and all. I think so because of the current man in office.


I’ll support whoever the Democratic nominee is. But I naturally have my own preferences concerning policies and tone and would rather see a candidate who doesn’t stray too far from them.


Whatever the Democratic Manifesto says ?


Are you concerned at all about who it may be? I know you’re seeing this internal struggle as I am.


Only inasmuch as I would like to see them be as electable as possible.




I actually like Howard Schultz.

I think the dems need to chill out and regroup. It seems like they’re having to one up each other to try to get attention. “Oh she promised free education! I’ll also give you free houses!!” That’s a bit of what I see. Too much noise going on.


I have no idea who Howard Schultz is to be honest. I gotta get my game up. But yeah, the state of affairs is pretty gnarly. Granted, we still have about a year and some before some of the bigger moves, and by then I’m sure the playing field will have leveled out or shown some calm.


Bottom line: the Green New Deal is totally retarded bullshit. It cannot be plausibly defended. It flunks the horselaugh test. There must be something wrong with anybody who refuses to acknowledge this.

Much of the mockery is politically motivated, but I’m fine with that, because the original bullshit is also politically motivated.

If green energy is such a great idea, then vote with your wallet. Go buy a wind turbine and set it up in your backyard. Either that, or shut the hell up about it.

This debacle is a perfect illustration of why even having a government energy policy of any type is a bad idea. Let the market decide. At its worst, the market is never quite as stupid or venal as the government can be.


Lame excuses and blame shifting. All too typical:


I believe many places have laws preventing you from generating your own energy. Or you need to pay some min fee for being part of the power grid no matter what.


6.6 Trillion a year…


Yeah, like some my biggest gripe with this comes from the apparent lack of regard for cost. I’m not a genius when it comes to proposals and I always celebrate trying to improve the current state of affairs, especially when it comes to our environment…

However, it is clear to me that there has been little to no thought about cost-based action, and rather shouting for idealistic action that in our current economy has no place for being said. I think a platform like this, one that AOC has and will have in the future, should be used in a less frivolous manner so that her party doesn’t take the hit as this comes of ass someone who should not be taken seriously.

Again, I celebrate moving for change… but the blasts this is getting shows me there was barely any thought that went to the affordability of the Deal.


I would 100% take a free personal/residential electric generating windmill from the Socialists. If they give us stuff we actually need, they will be a hit.


I think she’s hot. Go Queens!!


So once again, government is the problem and not the solution.

They are not worthy of the power they already have, and there are those insisting we give them even more power.


McCarthyism where art thou?


Name a single prosperous nation that does not have a strong central government.


Says the guy with the jian bao card that cant afford to go back the US because of exorbitant health care costs