The AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) thread


That’s the second informative and detailed article I’ve read on Politico recently.




We kind of have this situation in reverse in the UK. There’s a significant chance of the centre left/right splitting SDP style.


Clarifying the details will be problematic, unless this all turns out to have been just a “big ask.”

But it’s based entirely on global warming. Attack that, and even a pseudo-moderate version won’t sell.


Trumps budget

984 billion in new deficit spending
7% increase in defense spending, 716 billion total
18 billion towards a border wall
1.75 trillion in new spending and tax cuts
cuts the EPA cuts Medicare
US corporate tax accounts for only 7% of tax collected

And you’re whining about 8 billion lost on a green energy initiative, while cheerleading for an 18-25 billion dollar border wall project.

Increased spending on sustainable energy: the horror! the horror! socialism!
Wasting taxpayer money on monuments to xenophobia that benefit no one: MAGA!

8 billion is what it’s gonna coat a family of four to live in Jamaica, Queens by 2024 at this rate. None of this is for you, or helping you.


Green energy benefits are investments into future technologies. Green is the future, it might come later rather than sooner and it might not produce 100% of our needs but if anyone wants a share of the pie, subsidies and whatnot are the only way to ramp up production and benefit from economics of scale before everyone else.


A border is a monument to xenophobia? Stop with this nonsense.

I asked you before and you never answered. Do you or did you live in border state?


A better question might be multiple choice. Which is more effective?

(a) no wall which you can walk across unimpeded.
(b) a 6ft corrugated iron fence or just barbed wire
© a 50 ft steel slate wall.

I wait our resident geniuses to respond. Although I know which answer homer will go with, which is non of the above, “nah nah they will take planes or go through ports of entry”, it’s a waste of time to discuss, plain obvious facts are thrown aside, goal posts moved and it’s like every step of the way the bleeding obvious needs to be explained.


yes i have


it should be fairly obvious that investment in clean energy is a higher priority than a boondoggle wall project.

lets see, what should we spend our loot on…averting impending catastrophic changes in climate and having a cleaner environment, or a 20 billion wall to stop illegal immigrants?

Guess what, the obvious is climate change costs you more than the people crossing the border.


So are you one of these open boarders crowd. Because I will confess i think a nation can create good social welfare, universal health care , education.

But if you think open boarders is also a good idea, I’m sorry @ homersimpsun if you can’t wrap your head around why with so many poor countries that would flood whichever country does this and doesn’t protect their boarder. In my mind you are a lost cause, bereft of reason.


Per National Climate Assessment, climate change could cost 500 Billion per year annually by 2090. Half a trillion dollars per annum .

No reasonable person would prioritize that wall, unless paid a lot of money to do so.


lololol, 1/2 a trillion dollars a year, or about 5% GDP, as opposed the the 5 billion Trump is asking for a wall, or 0.001% of the amount you are suggesting annually till 2090. Way to get it in perspective.


Then you should know in my home state of Texas. Drugs have been flooding in. A decade ago, heroin was rare. Now it’s dirt cheap everywhere and more pure than ever. Coke and meth are also coming in from the boarder at high purity and cheaper than before. Sinaloa Cartel run border towns where it’s dangerous, they also run things now in north Texas in the Dallas area I’m from. Guns are more available coming in. More prostitutes than a decade ago all ran by cartel. It’s a serious problem, and we want a more secure boarder. It’s not xenophobia.


500 Billion per year is the approximation of the cost of damage from climate change. Not the cost of transition to green tech. Apples. Oranges. Try again.


So in your mind hookers and meth are a greater hazard to national security than climate change?


It’s immediate, right in front of people not 70 years later and we can put a dent to it right now. A wall I know is attainable, switching to all green in 10 years…not so much. You ever see a meth addict? I’ve had 4 Friends die from heroin that is flooding the streets of north texas in the last few years alone. So yeah, this is what I care about. For you to say it’s xenophobia is ridiculous since you don’t want to understand why people want the wall. Exactly why Trump won, people didn’t take what his voter base felt seriously and called them xenophbic and racist.


@ homersimpsun I will help you out, in order to have a conversation. Like if two people were to discuss physics, certain truths need to be acknowledged. We can perceive the basic foundation of reality in the same way. Then we can argue the perception of reality.

With you, I am sorry, we can’t even agree on the basic foundation.

Something for you to think on.


Interesting to note that quite a few people on here have changed their minds about politics over the last few years . Open minds , study, read , determined for themselves the reality . It seems some people are not willing to do that . You notice that many on here will listen to anything that makes sense…but @homersimpsun seems to be conditioned . By all means post memes and it’s fine but , I see what he is following . Hard to reason .


Climate change is a greater hazard to national security and the US future than illegal immigration from Mexico, and transition to green energy is a higher priority. Pretty basic.

Snark, last word contest not interested. Facts, stats, reasoned arguments.