The AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) thread


Georgetown was a lot of fun. A friend of mine played basketball there and I used to go and visit. The ladies of Georgetown were quite exceptional, made me wish I went there. There was always some rave or concert that we went into DC for. It was always a pain to drive around. I had a stiff suspension and sports tires on my car and I could feel every bump and pot hole. And I would get lost either in DC or outside in Maryland or Virginia.


You’re late…



Be yourself


she’s good…covering the whitey thing AND the maleness with word “dude”. If she had used “dudette”, then she would’ve gotten a “roll again” Community Chest card


Wow, paranoid.

This is getting farcical, like moonies in an airport or something. The end is nigh! socialists! they’re coming for whitey! commies! It’s a giant media conspiracy! Marxists!

Unintentional comedy


she definitely is!


AOC and Tlaib are card-carrying members of an organization that openly admits on their website that their long-term goal is to eliminate the private ownership of business. If that doesn’t warrant being a little worried about the country running towards socialism, what would?


If people vote for socialists, why then, that’s just the free market at work!


Sure, just don’t pretend it’s some imaginary boogy man in the corner of the room, they penned out quite clearly what they would like in the Green New Deal, which is endorsed by several Presidential hopefuls.


Democracy is not equivalent to a free market.


Yeah, it’s really more of a cartel.


I think we could make a comparison like this:

Socialism : Democracy = bad products : free market

only in the case that when we go to Carrefour to buy something and find out it’s a bad product, we are suddenly forced to keep buying that product forever with no other option apart from starving.




Kind of, but the real question is, can you vote the DSA out? And will they leave office peacefully if you do?


Not really a question is it? The Democrats don’t even do that.


Democrats left the White House peacefully enough, but I agree that they only met the letter of the law not its spirit. A national disgrace, unfortunately.

All of the above only makes questions about the DSA more relevant, makes the Democrat party a more attractive host for the DSA, and causes doubts overall about Democrats to increase imo.

Republicans struggled with Obama, too, but they did accept him as their lawful President. In other words, the GOP met the spirit of the elections of both 2008 and 2012. Can’t say that about the Democrat party.


Looks like that day may be on the horizon.

Who runs the Democrat party, the DNC or the DSA?



Youre just being paranoid about the commies. This is so not Stalin like.