The AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) thread


Yeah, Democrats are going to have to decide soon, like within the next week or so, if the DSA stirs the Democrat drink or vice versa.

The Democrat party does not have a history that encourages optimism, frankly. I wouldn’t be surprised if Democrats choose to trade their principles - ok that’s a joke since we all know Democrats have no principles - for the electoral gains the DSA might give them.

Based on current events and the history of the Democrat party, I predict they’ll be socialist as long as it means they follow popular opinion. They will even go full Marxist as long as popular opinion polls give them reason to change (assuming current national polls would do so, which they do not).

This is why Democrats live by the focus group. They’re just measuring how far popular opinion would support their move to communism, something they’ll come up with (oh by the way) only when they have full Federal power. :2cents:


Here’s why the green new deal won’t work. Make HSR to replace air travel? How’s Amtrak doing? 44 of the 46 routes operates at a loss. Insane. Imagine a airline like this.


Two won aldermanic seats outright. Three others made the runoffs.

Having even two socialist alderman in Chicago is the most since the 1910s, when voters elected several aldermen who belonged to the Socialist Party founded by Eugene V. Debs, an Indiana native who rose to fame for his role in the Pullman porters strike and ran for president five times, including a 1912 campaign in which he got 900,000 votes —r 6 percent of the popular vote.

AOC’s comrades are making waves in the Windy City.


That’s sad news for Chicago, a city that’s already in serious financial trouble.

The DSA is likely to make a bad situation there much worse.


This is an issue the left need to deal with. Not just in the US, but in the UK, Canada and Australia. So far, the left leaning parties have refused to acknowledge they have a problem. So groups like the DSA will continue to grow.

Not so good for Chicago, I agree.


The Democrat Centrists fire back at the DSA.

The centrists counter that liberal ideas and candidates have more power online and among the grass roots than at the ballot box and that the passions will probably fade in coming months, both in Congress and the presidential campaign.

John Anzalone, an Alabama-based Democratic pollster, said the perception that the party’s primary voters are enthusiastically liberal is not based on data.

“There is, without a doubt, a myth that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez somehow represents the narrative of Democratic primary voters in the country,” Anzalone said. “Almost half of them identify themselves as moderates or conservative.”

That appears to be at least somewhat borne out by the midterms, when less-ideological candidates often won when facing purist opponents. Thirty-three of the 40 GOP seats that Democrats picked up were won by candidates who had been endorsed by the moderate NewDem PAC.


Centrists. They’re against anything specific whatsoever. And they think they’re the reasonable ones.


Not sure if this is innocent or not . W shall see in due course.


easy politician solution: fire him, say you have no idea about this, and leave the guy high and dry.


Dollars to donuts the Examiner was tipped off by a Democrat.


It seems I have been rendered powerless by the meme industry spawned by AOC. :idunno:


Looks like the knives are out for AOC. I wonder how she will come out of this ?
Maybe it’s nothing.


Long knives are definitely out for AOC. She’s far too skilled at social media within the Trump landscape (they likey), she has no fear of centrist Democrats (they can live with it), but her achilles heels are that she botched the Amazon HQ deal for Queens (bad press nationwide), the GND (botched and also went nationwide), and now her threatening to make a list of Dem centrists to primary (fatal mistake).

Early days, though.


With Economics I feel her understanding may be patchy at best.


She didn’t botch it, it turned out exactly how she wanted it to.

She’s not stupid, she’s crazy.

One good thing she’s doing is educating the masses on what people like her actually are like. She is the face of socialism. And of a bunny boiling crazy psycho chick. That’s more or less what socialism is.


She’s not stupid. The Dem voters are.


I think the TYT guy has a valid POV for sure. The Progressives who don’t just bitch but vote will keep doing so as long as AOC remains true. I’d say she’s going to grow more popular overall at a National level and run for Congress sooner than later, maybe primary another old white fart, before her name and significance fade. NY is about the long game.

I just wish I could watch this without thinking, man that guy talks like a douche who takes me for a sounding board or a bathroom mirror.


AOC and her friends in the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and Ilhar Omar have been coming under fire for antisemitic remarks. Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats have been trying to play it down as a misunderstanding.

It’s not, they are bed fellows with the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) campaign. They sing slogans like “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” Basically the most extreme and anti Israeli position imaginable, calling for an elimination of Israel entirely.

Nancy has got problems on her hands if she thinks Ilhar Omar and her Israeli hating friends in the DSA will change their ways with a pep talk or two.


You seem to be equating opposition to Israeli government actions with anti-Semitism.

I’ve been following this with the UK Labour Party, and I really struggle where the anti-Semitism lies.


American Jews have been accused by white supremacists and aryan nation types, since at least 1947, of holding a false loyalty to the US. The accusation is that American Jews are loyal to Israel first, and that their loyalty to the US is just a sham.

Omar seems to agree.

“I want to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is okay to push for allegiance to a foreign country,” Omar said as part of a discussion about past anti-Semitism allegations lobbed at her.

In full context, Omar doesn’t explicitly identify who or what this “political influence” is coming from. But given her previous comments, the latest remarks struck many observers as playing into well-worn anti-Semitic tropes about Jewish attachments to Israel making them disloyal to the United States.