The AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) thread


I’ve been following this on University campuses for 7 or 8 years, in the form of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.

If you are are familiar with what this group is about, say if you were a Palestinian, you fully get the picture or like Ilhan Omar who fully gets it. AOC only knows it is supported by the DSA (who she identifies with) and doesn’t have a deep understanding but basically it’s about Israelis being the oppressors and the Palestinians being oppressed.

Of course the situation is a lot more complicated and there are two sides to every story. If you haven’t heard of the BDS or this is the first time, I’ll post some articles as they come up from time to time, what they are pushing is pretty clear.

Basically the BDS movement is trying to get everyone to treat Israel as a pariah state similar to how South Africa was treated for apartheid boycotting their goods and services. To reach that conclusion you need to go with a very one sided version of events and interpretations in a complex situation and even then there are those who suspect BDS movements true goal is the elimination of Israel itself. As indicated by the chanting of “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” by the Democratic Socialists of America.

From the wiki article I linked to you will note many countries and States in the US have denounced the BDS movement. Also from wiki

The Anti-Defamation League, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and Israeli officials categorize the BDS movement as antisemitic.

Seeing similarities, or exact identification,[194][13] between BDS and historical acts of discrimination against Jewish minorities, such as historic antisemitic boycotts such as the Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses.

The argument that BDS is a significant step in the creeping normality of antisemitism.[196]

In fact, I can go look if you like but there has been a rise in hate crimes against the Jewish community, a couple of stations tried to blame that on Trump and White Nationalism until it was pointed out to them that the normalization and hatred of the Jewish community is coming from groups like BDS.


Does this mean any criticism of Israeli domestic or foreign policy is anti-Semitic?

Yeah, I appreciate I’m being a bit of a dick here. But it’s a difficult issue to ignore.


Of course not. But your question is a parroting of the media-supported retreat by Democrats, a rear-guard attempt to reframe Omar’s anti-Semitism in order to extract her from the battle while she’s only wounded.


Plus, I doubt AOC or Omar see themselves as wounded, more like frustrated by their own political party that they are being told not to really let rip and say what they think.

Which is why I said, Nancy Pelosi has her hands full, a quick pep talk isn’t going to stop the freshmen saying what they really mean.

Give it time. The difference between being critical of the Israeli Government and antisemitism will be revisited again, probably shortly.


I will agree with Omar being anti-Semitic, although more evidence would be preferable. However, the position that any criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic seems daft to me.

What do other posters feel? Is criticising Israeli foreign policy racist by default?


No, of course not. But questioning Israel’s right to exist is.


It isn’t.


Many many people would disagree.


Well, of course. However, national boundaries aren’t races or ethnicities.


Yeah I think Pelosi has her hands full and then some. As you’ve probably noticed, the Democrats are now close to full-poll mode when it comes to deciding what the party “stands” for.

The frequency of “analysis” pieces in Democrat media featuring polling data are usually reliable indicators of intra-party stress. That kind of news seems to have ticked up sharply now, thanks to the freshmen trio of Omar and the two DSA members, AOC and Tlaib.


Not exactly, but those borders were created directly as a reaction to anti-Semitism.


This is correct.


You can’t blame the Palestinians for being opposed to it however. Their opposition isn’t based on “anti-Semitism” in any sense.


Maybe, but I doubt that if Palestinians had broken through the fences at Gaza they would have murdered Palestinians living in Israel. Pretty sure they’d have targeted Jews exclusively.


Blaming or not is immaterial, but I’m sure there are many motives to their opposition, and anti-Semitism is definitely on the list.


You think they just happen to hate Jews because they’re Jewish? They have legitimate political reasons to oppose Israel, whether they were Jewish, Albanian or whatever.




If that history happened in Alabama say I’d like to see how people would react.


I agree that it’s more complicated, far more complicated, than anti-Semitism. But I think many, many Arabs, Iranians, Palestinians, and Somalis hate Jews.


There’s no denying that.

I’m a Limey and I’m pretty sure a lot of people dislike me. This doesn’t extend to me arguing that anti British foreign policy is somehow xenophobic.