The AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) thread


She’ll blame it on her Florida visit where masks are so passe’.

Clearly she needs biweekly vaccine boosters.

If she thinks that, she shouldn’t be in politics.

If she thinks this, she should be institutionalized.

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Well, she probably just wants to make sure she’ll be in charge.

Yes, all the progressive progress she’s made in her enclave of NYC is overwhelming. “If not me, then whom?”

edit: forgot to :face_vomiting:

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Amazon workers voted for unionization; worker says AOC deserves nothing.

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When things get tough, the Dims get manicures

Michael Tracey on Twitter: “Tragically, this is not an unfair characterization of what AOC said in the clip” / Twitter

Pay your taxes, rich.

I don’t think that’s the real reason.

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Reverse psychology?

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I wonder what she thinks she’s accomplished so far?

To be fair, the US hasn’t had a female president yet

We’re on our third in the UK. Presumably that means we don’t hate women.

What’s interesting with progressives is they slag people off and then seem to be confused as to why they don’t vote for them. If AOC were ever to run for president these comments would come back to haunt her, which suggests to me she has no intention of ever doing it and is grandstanding.

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Hmm, we have no Squad Thread. That’s odd. So, let’s save money and group Tlaib with AOC’s thread.

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AOC’s Republican opponent, Tina Forte, has been very critical of her on crime, blaming her Marxism for the upswing in New York
It has been revealed that Ms Forte’s son has been arresrtd for marijuana. I mean, what’s a kid getting busted for a little pot-
$150,000 worth.
Hey, what’a kid who goes a little wrong-
The FBI has her husdand, AKA “Joey Snapples”, on tape setting up the deal
Hey, it’s just weed-
They were also arresred for an illegal gun, with the serials filed off, and have multiple felonies convictions

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