The "Argh!" Thread

A place to vent…

I dropped my phone today from just 3 feet. Has a case on it too. Screen cracked!



why do some people have to talk loudly on their phones about their life drama on public transportation during everyone’s morning commute??




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I was changing a lightbulb this week, the funny spirally kind, and it broke, lacerating my thumb.

However I am not going to say arrgh as that is reserved for people who can’t spell properly.


G and H though?

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:dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face:

You know that’s a hazmat situation? :doh:

In fact, cracked phone screens are also believed to result in some nasty gases leaking, so they may both be hazmat situations. But definitely the CFL (full of mercury) – you’re not even supposed to use a conventional vacuum cleaner for it.

Life on this :earth_americas: is a fucking hazmat situation brah…


I know, eh? That’s one reason I spend so much time in my ship. :flying_saucer:

What times happy hour today?

Every hour is happy if you let it be! :rainbow:

But I don’t drink and fly.

Had to kill 6 Fucking Mosquitoes. In one day. Inside my apartment. All doors and windows closed, not using any ventilation fans, unused drains are taped shut.


Oh, and the kitties are useless. Probably need to give them a hand, since roofs are high here:


But did you use your hands to do it?

Why walk in front of me so that I need to stop and let you by? Why not wait half a second before you start off so that you don’t inconvenience others? Happened to me several times this morning. The last time I quickened my step so that the other person had to stop and let me by first. Petty, I know, and I hate myself for doing it, but after two other instances, I just didn’t feel like being the nice guy again. Argh!


Inconvenience others? Pick up the pace a little. If you want to stroll stay to the side of the sidewalk or the escalator. Some people have places to go.
Let’s not even talk about the people that come to a complete sudden on a narrow small town road to talk to a pass friend on a scooter. Last argh! When you park your bloody scooter and the busy shop, vertical park dude, and straight.other people want to use the shop too.
Before telling me to chill and slow down, when I have nothing to do, I’m the slowest most laziest Walker out there and I love taking it all in.
Just like think of other people man and I stay to the side of the road out of people’s way and I’m trying to teach my children of the same thing. Argh! † I’m not directing my comment to the person I quoted. it’s directed to people who just won’t let you in and then they walk slow and will not let you pass.

Not talking about walking speed. I’m referring to, for example, walking out of a store and right in front of you so you have to stop and let the person pass. Argh!

I wonder why people hold the phone like they want to stick it in the ear, and it needs to talking loudly.


Then yeah, I’m with you! And we you let them through they move real slow and their butts are so big and they seem to anticipate which way you want to pass so you can’t get around them.

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It doesn’t matter at what pace you’re walking. I’m a very fast walker, and it still happens to me all the time. Taiwanese people seem to have a strong need to beat you to the space rather than alter course slightly to walk behind your path.

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I love when they make a wall of slow people so that there is no where to pass. That’s the best!

They do this on the roads, too. Well below the speed limit. Argh!!

I saw a post on here recently describing the speed as that of “a crushed snail” :joy:

Spelling! :grin: