The Banjo Thread

May I ask what brand of Banjo is your banjo ?

No idea. It wasn’t anything valuable and it looks very old. Has a sticker that says made in Korea.

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There was a lot of banjos made out of Japan they were unbranded , cheap and very decent for the price. Quite a lot out of China now and can be decent but luck of the draw with quality control.
The one I got from the US is the cheapest US model available but I strongly suspect the tuning pegs are from China, the bridge I’d guess too.

US has really loose requirements for things to be made in the US. Basically they can make everything in China and maybe a small team of workers in the US screws a couple of parts together and it’s made in the US.

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Used to be worse, assemble almost everything, ship to country of choice, put sticker made in country of choice plus a small part, box it and voila!

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That’s really good picking , I think he put some rolling stones into the final part “Paint in black.”

Isn’t that the case in many countries? I remember a friend years ago talking about his brother’s job at an Austrian company that imported Chinese-made oil pumps and (apparently legally) put “made in Austria” labels on them.

The logic, as I remember, was that adding the label contributed more to the value than the actual pump, so the greatest added-value step happened in Austria.

Hmm that is stealing in my book because each easy card has an ID doesn’t it ?

What about the cash and the easycards when you return the wallets?

I’ve had a few Wallets returned without cash over the decades. Always pissed me off that one.

I don’t think that would be sufficient, they would have to add another assembly or modification step surely.

Most countries have different criteria over what constitutes legal display of these sorts of notifications. Some, unbelievably (or believably, I guess), have none at all.
And a lot of them, like an alarming number of other product notifications (look up “organic”) are insanely easy to get around.

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I’m personally aware of the shenanigans around olive oil. ‘Italian’ oil often just being poured into bottles out of barrels in Italy and magically becoming Italian.