The Best Break Up Songs Ever

“Broken bones and pocket change. That’s all she left me with.”

These guys from Alabama are the real thing.

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Happened to listen to this one today


That whole album is great. I liked it so much I bought one of their newer ones. Turns out they became Rastifarians and turned into a reggae band. I was not impressed

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Ha, they were always Rastifarians if I remember. I never got too much into their later stuff, even the heavy stuff, but that album was mind-blowing at the time! I may have a few years on you :slight_smile:


No no no no! :slight_smile:

They started out as prog jazz musicians! Then evolved into a punk band that would drop the occasional reggae song in between but remained a punk band throughout. They were one of the acts that made CBGB’s famous

Quickness is a later album that’s off the charts. I against I obviously!



That’s right. I heard it in a movie so I bought that album. Amazing stuff, so fast. Went to buy another CD, the new release in 1995. God of love and it was like all slow reggae and talking about religion. First album still holds up though


The old days when you bought an album without knowing what was on it


The old days when you fell in love with a band because of the unknown songs. Can anyone say Led Zeppelin II? I think I knew of only one maybe two songs when I got that album. Who knew every single tune would be fantastic (well “Thank you” maybe not so much). But Lemon Song? Moby Dick?

every :clap: single :clap: song

just put it on

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Damn, that’s good!
Great song and awesome performance!

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