The Best Ramen in Taipei

Ramen Nagi - Dazhi has been my go-to for good ramen. But this one is has become my new #1:

雞吉君拉麵とりよしくん ら麺
No. 33, Section 1, Huanshan Road, Neihu District, Taipei City, 114
02 8797 8978

Where’s your favorite?

I like the Nongshim Shin Ramen. Available at every 7-Eleven!

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I like this one.

Hakata Ramen博多拉麵總店/164274296962450
No. 4, Lane 253, Section 1, Fuxing South Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106

I haven’t been to the second location for a few years. It used to be the same menu, but I have no idea now.
No. 74, Section 4, Civic Blvd, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106

Fellow forumosans and contributors to this thread: if you’re able to specify the type of ramen you’re praising (tonkotsu? chicken base soup? shio? shoyu? miso? etc.) that would be awesome. Then at least we’d know the genre you’re praising and what these different shops are good at. Thanks!


Here’s the menu if that helps:

I had one that looked like this:

Yes that does help.

That sure looks like tonkotsu to me.



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I like Ippudo and Totto.


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nagi is my go to for sure.

ichiran was good but the gimmick probably puts me off going more than once.

thought totto was oily and overrated. it looks the part but it missed the mark imo.

I’ve had your Ichiran, Ipuddo, Ranmaru and Nagi and they are all good. Nagi is ranked very high up on my list for high value, but my crown goes to Ranmaru.

They have a few locations around town, I have tried them all and this one is by far the best ramen I have had in Taiwan, just a hundred meters down from Song Shan District Gym.

Additional soup and noodles at no extra charge. I normally do 1.5 noodle refills. My record is 3 noodle refills. Store record is 10.

Get the No.2, Option 1, 濃湯醬油叉燒拉麵 on your first visit. Then the No.1 清湯醬油叉燒拉麵 on your second visit. You won’t be disappointed. The gf likes to order the 99NT bowl with only soup and noodles and the cha su meat plate to mix things up.

And @afterspivak , it’s soy sauce ramen :wink:

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This place is my favorite. 鬼金棒

They have a really great Tsukemen ramen. You can pick how spicy and how 麻 (what is the English translation for this?)

Don’t think there is one? Just Mala in English too…

I don’t remember any name, but I found really nice gems in Taipei using google maps, I always try different. There are small places doing really good ramen. Nagi Taiwan I don’t like, I think Ippudo is all rigth.
I have tried a lot of ramen in Taipei and I think all have the same problem, the pork doesn’t taste like in Japan, I don’t know if the quality or how they cook but they can’t get the pork rigth in Taipei. I avoid big branch because they put way less salt, because local taste. Small shops and young people is the way to go.

No. 76號, Lane 737, Section 1, Neihu Road, Neihu District, Taipei City, 114
02 2627 6627

Just noticed the silly name, but this one never disappointed me. Meets my taste perfectly. Only down side for me is that they don’t serve beer.

I especially like the two types marked below: white bone broth and spicy white bone broth.

Note: the garlic version they have is good too, but… Uhm… Very very garlicky.

Menya Musashi in the Linsen N. Road Japanese district has really tasty meat, including spare ribs that they serve in just 20 bowls every day.


I’m curious about the bone broth.

i just tried the zhongshan store. its called kikanbo in japan.
its my new fave place for sure. the mala pork soup tastes so good and the meat is even better. closest thing i’ve found to the small shop ramen experience i had in japan with food that matched.

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I’m glad you like it, one of the first places i’ll eat at when I return to Taiwan.

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i’ve actually walked past it several times and thought it looked cool but thought it must be a taiwan owned place. saw this video the other day and realised it was the same place, pretty much rushed out asap to try it after that.


The lines can get pretty long at the one I go to.