The best unlimited data plan

I am curious, do you like your unlimited data plan? If so, how much do you pay?

Best unlimited plan is to get away from pay as you go account and sign a contract. But that only works if you live here long term and you got a Taiwanese to co sign for you (seems a lot of phone companies panic when they see a ARC)

My unlimited plan with Taiwan Mobile is around 600, comes with some free minutes for out of network/land line calls and something like 15 free minutes each call for in network calls.

My husband and I went with T Star and also signed a contract (we had a Taiwanese friend act as guarantor for us). I think it’s NT$499 a month for each phone, but we paid more up front so we only pay $374 each month for each of us. The unlimited data is really nice because we use our phones as hot spots at our apartment instead of paying for wifi. However, my husband and I both brought our phones from the US; mine was originally AT&T, and his was Verizon. My phone gets decent signal at our apartment most times of day, while his gets pretty bad signal most of the time. Maybe you could do a temporary SIM card with the company you want to sign a contract with to make sure it works well at your home, office, etc. before you commit.

499 / month, unlimited data. We have Zhonghua (or whatever the pinyin ).
Used to have T-star at the same price for a couple of years, but Zhonghua has better coverage.

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Should I get that guarantor requirement erased?

I did at APT/GT4G/亞太電信.
Now i pay for $299 unlimited.

Also some phones have frequencies disabled and may not work properly outside their country.

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Wow, good deal! Asking a friend to take an hour to help us sign up for a phone plan was annoying but not a big deal now that it’s done. My husband will need a new phone soon anyway so we’ll just need to do our research to find one that works better here as well as when we’re visiting the US.

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For me it’s a big deal because i hate the xenophobia and value my independence fiercely.


This myth keeps propagating. Do some, clueless (using a nice word), shops ask for guarantor? Yes. Is it required, no. My service started in 2011 with TW Mobile and I’ve never had one or had to put down a deposit.

To answer the OP’s question, currently unlimited for 699 with TW Mobile. There are cheaper deals out there but I’ve been happy with their service.

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I’m on CHT and I’m always jealous of the gf who pays the same as you, but is a VIP member, meaning they regularly get free movie tickets and can sign up for “VIP” events.

I don’t get any of that shiz with CHT. The only up I have is I have service in the mountains and she doesn’t.

I’ve heard this before, but I’ve never noticed my coverage degraded when compared with my friends with CHT…my wife used to have CHT and often times I would have coverage and she wouldn’t, but many people believe this. I think perhaps TW mobile has improved in this regard, who knows.

Same situation as me. When I got my first smartphone I went to FarEasTone with my APRC in hand. They basically wouldn’t give me the time of day. My buddy suggested Taiwan Mobile down the street, and they welcomed me with open arms. Been with them ever since. I pay 699 for unlimited as well.

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Mine was the flip. Taiwan Mobile demanded a guarantor or deposit and FET signed me up no issue. I think the companies are inconsistent customer by customer

You know what Ya Tai is telling me. They promised to return my $2400 foreigner deposit when my contract ended. My contract is ending but I want to downgrade my plan. They said that if I kept my same plan they would return my $2400 but anytime i change plans it’s a new contract and then they want the $2400 deposit again. In other words any time on contact they keep the foreigner deposit

I said isn’t that kind of dumb. When I am not on contract I am seemingly low risk and can get my deposit back but on contact all of a sudden im a bad risk again? Somehow the concept of risk management eludes them all.

I pay $249 for unlimited data limited to 21mbps speed

They think you are gonna call international 24/7 over the next month and skip town leaving them with the bill.

That’s what the deposit is supposed to protect, despite the fact I call my mum with LINE.

The problem is I can keep the line with the price I’m paying now and get my deposit back as per them and keep the line. Then I can take the phone back home and ring up large bills.

But somehow as soon as I sign a new contract I’m high risk. There’s no logic to that

Totally agree. But I can only get policy changed, not the beliefs, hahaha. That’ll take time.

I can call the NCC on them again. That will get them moving. But I’m going to cancel them at the end of the contract and move back to one of the big 3 … I’ve been with all carriers of the big 3 and never needed deposits or guarantors and have a good history so I don’t think it’ll be an issue.

Plus Ya Tai has horrible service gaps and speed compared to the other carriers

Where can I find information about unlimited plans?

Because I was taking a look at Taiwan Mobile, and the plan with the most data is 22GB for $2699. But, in this thread I see people talking about unlimited data for $699 and $499. Where can I find those plans?

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Looking for a cheap contract. Don’t need much data, just a phone number to be reached at.

Anyone have either of these two offers? $88 or $77 per month sounds ok for that.

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