The British Royal Family thread

I thought of putting this in International Politics for some reason, and then I asked myself: what on earth has this got to do with politics?

What exactly are the royal duties, anyway? What do these inbred welfare cases actually do? Unless they’re stars in a sort of reality show, I don’t see how they can be said to be employed.

so, which commonwealth “island” will he be “invited” to spend the rest of his sweaty life?

Near as I can make out he did nothing useful before, and he’ll do nothing useful now. Unless I’m missing something, nothing has changed.

So, I do a Web search, and…

Pretty vague stuff. Seems to amount to ribbon cutting and vapid speeches and posing for photos.

One with low humidity, I would assume

i thought the deal was that he didn’t sweat? didn’t he just affirm that in the interview?

He mists.