The Butthurt News: A meltdown.



Don’t be surprised if the Obama Justice Department launches a civil rights investigation into the shocking death of this poor Muslim immigrant. I mean, c’mon, a white cop literally murders a persecuted minority with a gun. This has all the elements of a hate crime, and the racist, bigoted cop should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. :slight_smile:


“Officer Alan Horujko was working on Ohio State University campus Monday morning when the attack occurred, officials said. He was near the scene because of a fire alarm, which was not related to the attack, according to school officials.”

A police officer just happened to be around there by the time the “refugee” started to run over people by car and attacking them with a knife. There will surely be some retards who’ll play the:“RACIST” card, but the reason why there’s only been one dead guy instead of many is that officer.
I cannot fathom what he might have thought, from:“Oh, I’ll have to waste some time at the University for some bollock alarm going off…” to saving the lives of 10+ people from an armed attacker.


Wait a minute…the surname “Horujko” sounds kind of ethnic. The plot thickens. This must be a case of “institutional racism” within the murky halls of the Columbus Police Department. Yes, that would explain the situation…


Get a room! :joy:


You mean one of those “Putin is the boogeyman, let’s start World War 3” rooms? Sorry, I prefer my room to be a safe space.:slight_smile:



I think this IS the room. If you can’t hack it, there are other fora.

I’m slightly annoyed at the thread drift, but the ideological drift is triggering my schadenfreude, as I recall not long ago the other side dominated on this forum.

Slightly more on topic, news/academia attempts to enter the bargaining phase of grief:

On the other hand:

You can’t teach a subject you don’t understand.


It seems most of the threads are turning into your ‘rooms’.



Oh, I think some people are having the time of their lives… at your expense.

Which means it’s completely in your power to make it stop.


The descent into madness xD


Calling Trump racist, misogynist and bigoted is one thing…but Nickelback? Now that’s really messed up!


“Run for daylight” is a good marketing strategy for startups, but it usually doesn’t work in a winner-take-all situation such as an election… except in special circumstances.

We happen to be living in such special circumstances. Different rules apply, and those who grasp this will prevail against those who don’t.

From that Nickelback article:

Oh, and…

If mainstream pop ever suffers the sort of backlash that killed disco, Nickelback might just make music great again.


Someone here tried to argue with me a while back that Nate Silver was worth taking seriously.


Nate is one of those smart people who are deficient in self awareness. He often makes interesting and telling points, apparently without realizing it. He gives us the dots that he can’t or won’t connect. That kind of guy.

I’m not exactly a Nickelback fan, but the hate is overdone. I feel similarly about The Donald.


Glad I didn’t bet money on his predictions. I know a group of guys in Australia who bet on Trump when he was at 9:1. Everyone laughed at them. Collectively, they won more than $200,000.



@IbisWtf Awesome meme.


Not completely related to Trump, but to the butthurt media in general…

Now that Russia has helped Assad to get back some key areas od Syria from Al-Qaeda (because anyone who calls them “moderate rebels” is completely removed from reality), how will the media handle a situation where the sides who have been portrayed as evil for years are now those who are winning and saving civilians? And in particular, when (if?) the situation will stabilize and it will be impossible to promote bollocks stories like “Assad destroyed the last hospital”, what will the media write?

“Ops, sorry, we got it slightly wrong” ?


They’ll probably double down on missing the forest for the trees. “OMG. I can’t even. Assad/Putin defeated ISIS, but they didn’t immediately hold a gay pride parade!”

At this point, Assad, but more Putin, is the perpetual bogeyman. People are upset precisely because Putin is beating ISIS. Of course, if you ask them, they claim that they don’t like ISIS. It’s a little deeper than that though.

Firstly, Putin is holding a giant mirror up to them and all they see is a bunch of international beta males staring back at them. It’s not that they’re ashamed of being beta males. They’re ashamed of people noticing when they find themselves in the presence of alpha males.

Secondly, by Putin going out there and kicking heads and defeating evil, he is giving the big middle finger to their entire kumbaya/liberal/religion of peace nonsense. It’s like the scene out of Team America where one of the characters talks about dicks, pussies and assholes.