The Butthurt News: A meltdown.


From some of the few journalists in Syria it’s now possible to see Christmas celebrations in Damascus, and people marching along the army to cheerish the liberation of Aleppo.

They’re the people who according to CNN and other western sources are being raped, killed and raped again by Assad and his troops.


Who is saying that was happening in Damascus?
Damascus has been almost completely government controlled for the whole war and has been relatively unscathed.

All the scaremongering has been about Aleppo.

It you going to do righteous indignation just put a bit of effort into it and get the location right.


They’re two different sentences, separated by a comma. I could have also written:

It’s now possible to see Christmas celebrations in Damascus.

People are marching along the army to cheerish the liberation of Aleppo. (implied: in Aleppo)

Are you just looking for my posts to reply in a cocky way because you’re still butthurt about Trump and/or you don’t know the meaning of “ironic” ?


Maybe he’s preparing a resume as a curriculum writer for a major chain school?


Nah I’m telling you like the GIT fellow to put more thought into your posts before writing.

If you don’t like it, well, up your game.


The list of people to whom Brianjones feels very, very inadequate grows daily…


Most of (the few) you got lazy repeating the same ole tired stuff to each other in two or three sentences with no thought attached or some rubbish meme copied from the internet.
Least in the old days people had some genuine homegrown humour and could stab out a sentence that wasn’t painful to the eyes and mind.
Frankly I’m just pointing this out. :2cents:


“Yes” would have been enough.


A can’t-fail strategy to force The Donald to have press conferences:

Actually, this is more or less how Trump negotiates. It can pay off yuuuuge. But it’s risky. The MSM might just sink themselves instead of him.


It’s funny until you realize that Slate is helping Facebook to remove “fake news”. And yet they publish that.


Yes yes all hail butt hurt Wah Wah Trump commandante in chief.
Next step…perestroika.


Keep crying because you found yourself on the wrong side of history.


Bwah Wah Wah.


Perestroika worked out pretty well for Russia. Not so great for the Soviet Union, but screw the Soviet Union.


Holy crapload of doom. For 8 years anyone trying to make fun of Obama was given the Mark of the Racist and undirectly censored. Even SNL was heavily criticized for a rather innocent sketch that included Obama.
Now that Trump is in charge not a single day goes by without some actor, comedian, writer of whatever publishing something to mock Trump.

I guess they can finally enjoy freedom of speech?


It’s hiliarious stuff though, feeling butthurt?

MOose lambs.

Har har har.


But I thought KKK nazi racist etc people supported the Republican party and Trump!


Mr. Duke knows a fellow racist bigot when he sees one. :slight_smile:


Cutting off their narcissistic supply:


Reading the complaints from CNN & friends, who have been left out of a meeting between Trump’s team and some other people, when the same thing happened to Fox under Obama and Everyone was like:“HUUUR OF COURSE HE BANS FOX, FOX SUCKS HURRRRR”.

…absolutely glorious.