The Butthurt News: A meltdown.


He banned loads of others like BBC News…captain butthurt!!

If you think that a trend towards media censorship is glorious I think you are a complete idiot.


I’m loving the butthurt.

If you think this is media censorship then you have a terribly narrow definition of media, and no clear notion of what the word censorship means. They’re being replaced. The old voices are simply irrelevant. Not silenced - merely ignored. And they’ve had it coming since forever.

And they’re such entitled snowflakes they think this is censorship


And they never will be missed…


You’ve ruined this site with your repetitive posting of the same old shite


Yeah! Especially with titles like butthurt on a teacher’s website.
Doesn’t butthurt have to do with child abuse?

The term “butthurt” originates from spanking, the act of striking the buttocks of another person, which is often seen as a method of punishing a child

So you know where he is coming from!


It’s not child abuse if the child had it coming.

It was less than two years ago, during the reign of the Community Organizer in Chief, that the self-righteous and hate-filled SJWs ran rampant hereabouts - and elsewhere. Then, as The Donald ascended, they went silent.

Now they’re back, and howling in pain. Been a long time coming.

The spankings will continue until morale improves. Just think of it as cyber BDSM. Folsom Street on the information superhighway. It’s almost consensual - it’s the foreseeable consequence of choices they made. They’re in control, because they can stop it any time just by admitting they were wrong about everything all along. That’s the safe word.

By the way… miss the Teabaggers yet?


Butthurt is a term from child abuse. The way you are using the word is a downplay of just that.
Anyhow, I view these dying hart Trump supporters the way I view dogs getting hit by their masters.
They will always return to get more spanking.
No shame here, you are the victim. Come to terms, put some Vaseline on it and start making better choices.


You keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better.


Holy cow, when Russian decide to intervene they do mean business.

CNN will give merit to Obama in 3…2…


It probably also helps, that unlike Obama, the Russians actually wanted to defeat the Islamic state.


Trumping Chevy Chase:


Trump and Repubs in a WORLD of butthurt.

Wah wah…if only de democrats supported it…wah wah. :joy:


Who’s “we” kemosabe?


Oh, hello there, past Brian.


Butthurt AND gaslighting. They don’t take well to being called out:

Yes, they started it. But what really matters is who wins.

I wonder what Steven Scalise has to say?


This is what happens when you let the mental patients run the asylum.

Sorry you VOTE for them not let them.
Cos they appeared on reality TV, are famous , reeat handy catchphrases such as ‘build the wall’ and scowl at blacks foreigners and the experts as often as possible.

Anyways hopefully the boss didn’t grab her by the pussy recently.


Irony from Dan Rather :smiley:


One of the first symptoms of TDS…complete loss of irony.


People should look at the Constitution of the USA.
The founders were a lot smarter than that idiot currently in the Whitehouse.

Unfortunately they gave the president too much power. Or at least the position seems to have gained too much power over the years. That he is able to continually attack one of the pillars of democracy Is a genuine concern. Always the first step towards facism.

One person shouldn’t have that kind of power, a cabinet with PM system such as the in UK is far superior.


Yes, this is obviously why the UK is such a rich and powerful nation in comparison with the U.S. Fake news!