The Butthurt News: A meltdown.


Build a wall…Grab them by the Pussy!


If you dislike President Trump, you absolutely have a right to hold that opinion. You can post about it on Facebook, scream it from the highest hills, tell all of your friends. But when people start accusing the President of the United States of being fascist, it borderlines on hysteria. Claiming that President Trump and the GOP are fascist is at best ignorant and at worst a flat-out lie.
The Republican Party is the party of small government and personal freedom , BJ no?..less Government. The very idea of fascism runs in direct conflict with the values of conservatism. I think the most ironic part of these outlandish claims is that the people perpetuating them are the same people that align closest with the idea of a big, powerful government, rather like the EU. Anyway I am in agreement that we are seeing fascist ideals appearing in the USA and UK, but emanating , predominately , from the Left.
As far as I am aware , in spite of the US Media anti-Trump frenzy, no journalist has been jailed ? Whilst the Left Media monopolies continue to shut down “hate speech” websites and FB/Youtube channels…extinguishing one of your coveted Founding Father rights, THAT is more akin to Fascism . The irony is that your viewpoint is one of the reasons for the pushback that elected Trump and contributed to Brexit etc. So thankyou for that.


I’ve studied history and Trumps move so far are proto facist thru and thru.

Denigrate certain groups of outsiders (migrants/foreigners )

Create distrust in independent institutions (attack free press)

Appeal to the fact that power equals right (North Korean leader, Russian leader)

Continually allude to unproven conspiracies (Obama birther rubbish ) and muddy the waters to avoid investigation of own activities (interfere with FBI, support forrign govt views over own govt agencies that he cannot easily control )

Attack ‘elites’ while seeking to become the elite

That he hasn’t been able to jail the press is due to the strong constututional rights the free press enjoy, bit he is first trying to destroy the press and media support amongst a segment of the population. This is very useful for him still as it tries to create a false equivlancey between his constant stream of lies and uncomfortable facts the press may unearth about his activities .


Also I’m no leftist.

Being anti facist or disliking facist creep doesn’t mean you are a leftist lol.

Not liking white doesn’t make you like black.


Yes , bj , I accept that is perfectly reasonable to hold your opinion . All I am saying is that if you examine the Democrats and the huge Corporations , that are deciding content , or the media , and trying to go against a duly elected President or Referendum decision , there are equally frightening politics at play. I am typing on a phone , so please excuse any mistakes !


I don’t really care about the Democrats or Republicans or whatever I am specifically looking at Trump’s playbook.
It’s fairly transparent to be honest. He’s a deeply unpleasant individual .


Not sure it’s right to use the language of racist and fascist though ?


It’s autocorrect keeps writing racist for facist.

Autocorrect is racist lol.


I have not seen many “ pleasant “ politicians though bj.


No I agree.


People never keep their promises. HH promised to buy me a Pint in 2012, I am still hopeful.:disappointed_relieved:


Did I, well let me make it good someday .


The entire government shouldn’t have that kind of power. But it does, so if you don’t get the tyrant you want then suck it up.

Blame the people who arrogated all that power in the first place on the assumption that it would remain in their hands.


Utter rubbish.

He’s against illegal immigration. This is a mainstream opinion, and in no way fascist.

The press has earned people’s distrust all on its own, by repeatedly publishing lies and creating an atmosphere of hysteria.

The fact is that strongmen exist in the world (and no, Trump isn’t one of them), and they need to be dealt with. That’s what Trump is doing. He should be judged on how those efforts ultimately pan out.

This one I agree with. The birther thing was pretty stupid, and he’d probably be better off staying above the fray when it comes to all the political attacks against him (yes, they’re purely political).

Hysterical nonsense. Trump loves the press, and he’s usually correct when he calls out fake news.


Yeah. Ain’t it grand?


If you don’t care about Democrat v Republican “or whatever,” then why not just say that you can’t be bothered to learn about US politics but you nevertheless find President Trump to be a deeply unpleasant individual?

It’s honest and it makes you look less like a knob.


Trump loves the press.


Glad to see the nyt hires people with high moral standards!

Also the fact that basically every major social media platform simultaneously decided to ban Infowars is really concerning. All the advocates of “mah net neutrality” are revealing they don’t give a crap about neutrality, they simply want control.


I probably know more about American history and politics than you do , mate.

I also know more about how they put the figs in the fig roll.

But that was not what we were talking about. We were talking about Trump.

Watch the fecking insults you tool.


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