The Butthurt News: A meltdown.


Yes Mick I get it.


Then please show us some of your profound and deep knowledge of American history, instead of the ignorance you’ve given us so far.


Yeah keep up with the good attitude mate.


It’s put up or shut up time.


Yeah (respectfully) shut up Rowland :slight_smile:


Completely agree with Executive Branch having too much power. This has been happening for decades. Obama and Bush took this to the extreme where was the “free” Press calling them out? why were they so complacent for these establishment Presidents who were so well funded by the Banks and multi national corps?

Trump has signed no executive action giving the Executive branch any additional power but Obama and Bush spent so much of their time in office doing this.

Bush/Cheney being a War Mongering Tyrant more than any US Presidency still enjoyed the wide support of the Establishment media.

The same press basically had a policy that Obama could do no wrong,
I voted for him twice and stopped paying attention like most Americans, was it a mistake? Hillary would have been no better. Both are completely Establishment owned and supported by the Media just like both Bushes. Obama was their perfect President the establishments answer to a growing grass roots call for REAL CHANGE. He was charming, black, and multi cultured having grown up in Indonesia, a Kenyan Father and White mother. He was supposed to better the US but really he just continued Bushes foreign Policy and continued more wars by attacking Gaddhaffi and creating an ISIS stronghold that spread across the world.

He was also able to get away with Benghazi, Unprecedented Drone attacks, Not going after ISIS, Secret Wiretapping and spying on US Citizens, Executive order to create a Media Czar, Bailing out the Big establishment Banks duing the financial crises that allowed JP Morgan to merge with Chase. Having his entire cabinet chosen by the CEO of Citibank. Operation Fast and Furious -Arming the Sinaloa Cartel with 5000 assault rifles. But hey, everyone loves Obama…especially Hollywood and the late night Talk show hosts the dude is fucking Charming.


Isn’t it liberating to be able to say that 44 sucked without a mob of tards calling you a racist? Life has improved in the last couple of years.


Bush Cheney: Axis of Evil - Endless Wars for Oil- MSM Loves and Supports it!!
Trump: First Peace Talks with North Korea in 60 years… MSM hates it and calls him stupid…

Yea makes complete sense… I look at actions, Trump has started no New Wars but created policy that will move towards Peace unlike Bush and Obama. If anything Trump ended the ISIS mess within 2 months of coming into office NATO/Bush/Obama created and allowed to flourish around the Globe.

Under Obama ISIS was unstoppable…They stood for everything a supposedly Morale West was for and the NATO did nothing. Womens Rights, Slavery, Torture, Ritual Abuse, Rape, Beheadings. But when Ghaddfi wanted to peg Lybias money to Gold, Oh Heell no that man is worth going after with the full brunt of the US military. Thats what happens when you have a President like Obama whose entire cabinet was chosen by the CEO of Citibank and a crooked Secretary of State like Clinton. Obama wasted no time bombing the hell out of Lybia and sending US Troops to take out Gaddhafi…I wish they including the Media saw ISIS as an equal enemy.



Gaddafis crime- Backing up the Lybian currency with Gold.- His punishment Death by the full force of US Military. Mainstream Media calls him a Dictator and Criminal

ISIS’ crimes- Beheading, Slavery, Child soldiers, Rape of Children, Women, Ritual killings, Beheading, chemical weapons, Massacres of non Muslims, no freedoms, Ethnic purging, Sharia Law.-- Their Punishment: Response from Obama or NATO…attack Syrian Army whose fighting ISIS instead, Arm Militant Islamists who pretend to be freedom fighters but are actualy Al Nusra and ISIS. Maintream Media is not outraged at all.

Yea Makes perfect sense… NATO and Obama my ass
If Trump did this we’d never hear the end of it from MSM…since its Obama its all good.


They’ll still call you racist. The difference is it doesn’t matter anymore what they say.


Qadaffi was a terrorist shit, and his Obamesque Snta Claus policies were not helpful to Libya’s fiscal stability. I don’t miss him.

Still, Benghazi was horribly bungled, at best. No excuse for that.

A gold standard is better than fiat currency, for reasons vividly illustrated by what’s going on in Venezuela right now. But it won’t make up for reckless spending.



“Why do they call us fake news?”




I’ve watched some of her interviews: she’s either one of the dumbest people to reach a relevant position in politics, or she’s just repeating non stop what her voters want to hear because she know it will bring her some favors and shekels.

Or maybe she just met the right Weinsteins.


When even WoPo is fact-checking a progressive like Ocasio-Cortez, you know that she’s an embarrassing idiot.