The Carrefour 2020 Thread

I think they go against the spirit of the whole organic movement. They will wrap up all these tiny little servings of fruit and veg in plastic and styrofoam packages, it’s wasteful.

I’m not exactly overflowing with confidence in the local certification process either.


Organic meat, it’s not like they kill the animals you eat.

i got 2 wellcomes, 2 pxmarts and 1 carrefor market place. i also don’t see that turning into 3 carrefor market places.

@Brianjones i think those are great. the one near me is closer than the other supermarkets. it has eggs, garlic, onion, soy sauce ect, cheap olive oil, frozen cong you bing, dumplings.

Well, there are local traditional markets for veggies. I get them certified from a farmer up in Yangmingshan, crispy fresh. Got me a bunch of bok choi for my pao mien, lettuce and tomato for sandwiches, 100 NTD, not bad in my book.

Bones for the doggie are 200 ntd with two breast for gi pai.

Yeah it does have some daily stuff especially milk and eggs. :+1:

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I think you guys are underestimating the Taiwanese’s prioritization of convenience.

Point your maps app to Kaohsiung and search for PXMart - look how densely available they are. Literally one every few blocks. You can find 5-10 all in a 5 minute driving radius. We’ll not even get into convenience stores.

This could be a play at making Carrefour markets their real competitor.

I hope they really do keep the premium format of Jason’s in Carrefour Marquettes or whatever.

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Well I really hope that they open more carrefour markets around Taiwan because I am not a fan of either pxmart or wellcome generally.

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why not? i don’t see the carrefour market places being any better. they all sell more or less the same stuff.

My local pxmart is grotty (their stores vary in quality ). Carrefour Mart may have better cheese and alcohol choice and maybe bread.


In Yilan there’s only one Carrefour. In the past they had the same veggies and fruit as Px Mart and Surewell, but they also had a lot of imported stuff. We always preferred to buy that kind of stuff in traditional markets, but on days during which we were a bit short of time it was ok to buy veg/fruits in Carrefour. Over the last two or three years they basically cut the veg area in half and now they have 75% of stuff on display labeled as “organic”, which is a huge NOPE for the wallet. Basically we now only go to Carrefour for the Atoha food/wine because the selection is much better than other stores in Yilan (no Costco here, sigh).

Newer PX Marts in Yilan are pretty good, they’ve been building a lot in recent years. Going to Taipei by bus and arriving in Technology Building station always makes me feel at home with 3 PX Marts within 200 meters or so.

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there is indeed a big gap in quality in the new and old pxmarts.


Concentrations of Carrefour like this in Taoyuan amaze me.

Then all the others.

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All you need to live on!


That’s all you give your dogs?

No, those are a treat and calcium enhancement. And it is like a 2 kilo bag. Bobby can´t eat it all, but my dear Toto, may he rest n peace, could gobble a bag of those in one sitting. Those are little Maltese BTW.

Bones are good for your dogs´teeth and heart.

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Taipei, Civic Blvd Section 5 closed
Near 110, Taipei City, Xinyi District, 新仁里

Currently some good deals on frozen meats with 40% off many types. Not super much left, though. Sorry, I got the last packs of lamb chops :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there a Welcome or Jason’s supermarket nearby?

Probably part of the consolidation hurting the consumer and customer with less choices and convenience.

Taiwan law should really discourage conglomerates especially non Taiwanese from getting too much control and going vertical. Keep horizontal options available and support the independent small business.

Nope, not that I know of. Only several PX marts strewn throughout Nangang, with some Beauty Cheaps in between. Oh yeah, one crappy Wellcome (sic) in the very south east, way after Academia Sinica.

Next bigger supermarkets that I’m aware of are Carrefour and RT Mart 1&2 in Neihu.

Isn’t much of Nangang a traditionally military and KMT and government housing neighborhoods where they all had specialty access to PX Mart before it open to everyone?