The Carrefour 2020 Thread

Side comment: Closing topics in the middle of conversations kind of gets frustrating/confusing. Its maybe okay to wait until there’s a break or a lull then combine or move to another topic. Just saying.


I think nearly everyone agrees. Its the only meangful problem with this forum (thats a compliment but also a suggestion). The constant splitting and editing.makes a huge mess and no one understands what the heck is going on. It is kind of like Chinese Communist Party logic on that front… Its normally .better to let the threads evolve and good conversation/debate ensue. People learn far more that way.

Carrefour has rewards at the checkout.

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Plus short time pet motels and charging batteries for free borrow to carry around in the store and recharge your… device of choice.


Whole roast chicken $198 or discounted late in day this one $139.

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Looks like Ubereats delivers for Carrefour. Maybe they send your online order to the nearest Carrefour for prep and delivery.

They deliver all kinds of stuff. Frozen food, sanitary products, I see the Uber eats logo on the actual shelves on a lot of different items that make for funny pictures

Stopping by this thread to highly recommend the speculoos ice cream (large box, not the singles). Deliciouso

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Any flavour in particular?


Carrefour sell Halo Top

Speculoos is a kind of cookie. I think its the Lotus brand. There is only one brand with a few ice cream products. I haven’t tried their chocolate covered bars or the individual portion size of the ice cream.

They also sell the cookies and even a spread in different sections of Carrefour. The spread is super rich but inside the ice cream it is even more rich. Pure goodness

Got it. I’ll see if I can hunt some of this stuff down… : D


Better hurry - mine was almost out.

Selected Pasta, cheapest I seen ever at any Carefour here or in France (This is in Kaoshuing market). Normal expire date, ie one year later.

…And it’s gone lol. It did it’s job in viral advertising . Carrefour never has decent discounts when you really need them.

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Is it filini? Can’t really see. More like something you would put in soup… No loss. If Carrefour have it that cheap I’d be worried…

Angel hair! Mostly used in soup as said, people don’t know that in Taiwan, they confuse it with the very thin noodles.





Angel hair is longer. Those appear to be quite short.

Cheveux d’ange - Angel’s hair. It probably had a bad trip to Taiwan, and to the store.