The Carrefour 2022 Thread

New Year. New Thread!

So, rumors are that Auchan is trying to buy Carrefour in Europe. What does that mean for Carrefour Taiwan?

“French retailer Auchan is exploring another takeover bid for domestic rival Carrefour SA , Bloomberg News reported on Wednesday, citing people with knowledge of the matter, after negotiations for its earlier bid failed in October 2021.
Auchan is in talks with private equity firms to team up for the bid”

Could mean anything, huh? Maybe they’ll want to keep it together or break it up and cash in. Do people know anything about Auchan?


" … and through a joint-venture as RT-Mart … and Taiwan."

Hmm, I was thinking about what kind of company Auchan is and if they are likely to want to build over the long term or make a quick profit.

Auchan (French pronunciation: ​[[oʃɑ̃]] is a French multinational retail group headquartered in Croix, France. It was founded in 1961 by Gérard Mulliez and is owned by Mulliez Family, which has 95% stake in the company. With 354,851 employees, of which 261,000 have 5% stake in the company, it is the 35th largest employer in the world.”

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Auchan is basically the same supermarket than Carrefour. Just red instead of blue. RT Mart is a branch of Auchan. Decathlon is also part of the same conglomerate.

It’s huge.



So you’re saying RT Mart, Dinghao and Carrefour could be merged into one big unhappy poly marriage in Taiwan?


Similar but not one and the same yet.

Ding is hao gone now. But yes, RT Mart could buy Carrefour if President does not buy it before Auchan gets its hands on Carrefour. I guess that President when hearing the news is not going to buy Carrefour.

Yes I know. I mentioned that.

I meant the type of supermarket is exactly the same. Anyway, I think the EU will have something to say about this, it would be almost a monopoly.

Neh, they are only the 5th largest and there is enough competition.

In Europe? I don’t know but I would say that together they should be the largest by far.

Panettone on clearance! Get yours now!

Zhishan Carrefour


Buy one get one back again. So much fun


The mint one rocks.

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My favorite currently


Is that brand the fondant one or the one with minty crystal-like things inside? (I preferred the former, but I think that’s the cheaper one?)