The Carrefour 2023 thread

I went to my usual places looking for masa flour for tortillas like Jason’s/Mia c’bon and eventually went to the Tienmu Carrefour.
They have 4 pound bags of Maseca. I hope others will buy it so it stays in stock.
Maybe they need to sell tortilla presses or do demos to show people how to use the product?


They need this: empanadas


That not empanadas. But it’s look good

We call that empanada arreglada. Basically, we open an already made and fried empanada -made of corn flour- and stuff cabbage, sauces, meat, cheese, whatever more.

Our empanadas are filled with cheese, beans, chicken, beef, pork etc.


Mmmm. I’ve never seen them done this way but it sure looks good. I have a press so I need to try this. I know if there was a demo on how to do this, more people would buy masa flour. That is what I’m missing from the disty who promotes Bob’s Red Mill brands.

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What’s your recipe for the corn flour empanadas? Is it different from the tortilla recipe? 2 cups masa, salt, 1.5 cups water.


Bought some, having tortillas with my leftover beef picadillo. I have two big flat corningware plates that work ok as a press. It’s good!


We had breakfast tacos today. I also scored some red radishes at that Carrefour. I always feel like I’ve won a prize when I find what I’m looking for here. Living in Taiwan has motivated me to cook.


Cool, I was just thinking I’ll have to make some beans. I have 4 pounds of flour now!

Me too, starting when I realized if I wanted pasta I’d have to cook it.

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I’d call that una gorrinada. I’d like to try one.

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Easy to find these days, not that I’d pay those prices for their interpretation of a pasta dish when I can make it at home for a fraction of the cost

There’s one place I have gone on dates, twice, that has a decent lasagne. Still thinking of a kitchen appliance and an oven is a contender (or a microwave, or an instant pot). Kinda liberating not having barely used appliances filling kitchen space; don’t really miss a microwave or blender, sometimes a toaster

Where is the best place for appliances? My kettle and rice cooker were both very cheap at Carrefour

It was different back in the day!

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Can you buy a tortilla press in Taiwan?

I just did a search in English on Shopee, lots of results

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And a secret ingredient…

Metal and wood, though not as pretty as that one. I brought mine from the ol country.

I also saw red radishes at the local organic store. Awesome for salads.

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Might seem I’m lazy, but just wanted to ask incase it can save me the trip.

Does Carrefour offer installments on home appliance products (NT 18,000 and above) at their physical store? Checked their website and didn’t see any info and tried to purchase online but the only option was to pay the full amount.

Momo offers installment, but delivery on Carrefour is sooner (and 3,000 cheaper), as shipping on momo is handled by the manufacturer, which will only resume after the new year break.

Yes, but how many installments are allowed will depend on the amount and the credit card.


How did I not find this !

Thank you for sharing. Tried Google translate seems like I need to go down to the store. Wish they allowed installments online as well (or did I miss information about that as well)

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