The Carrefour 2023 Thread

They have in China

The Carrefour near my home has those self pay counters which I tried a couple of times.
Yesterday, I got one product that was “buy one, get one free” kind of deal but I didn’t know how to scan those in the self pay cashier, so I just went to the regular one.
For future reference, how should I had done it? Scan one only or scan both and the system will automatically discount one?

Just scan both and the system will take care of it.


There are exceptions though. Once I bought some alcoholic drinks that were “buy-X-get-one-free”, but did not get the deal when doing the self-checkout. I asked an employee, and they said I had to ask for the free ones instead of taking them directly from the shelf… (The free ones had a label that read “贈品”, although the expiration date was the same as the ones I took from the shelf)… Just scan both and check your receipt before you leave.


Yes! I had one of these yesterday, too.
So, in that case, I just don’t scan the free one, right?

Last time they told me to only scan one

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They should not allow alcohol at self-checkout. Kids under 18 could buy some and get away with it.

Of course they should. And anyway, scanning alcohol notifies the assistant they need to come over and approve the purchase before it’ll go through.

It’s a non-issue. This has been solved since self-checkouts were first invented.